A new street art mural featuring Ukraine’s flag has appeared in Cathays

The artwork depicts the Ukrainian capital Kyiv under seige

A new street art mural has appeared on Northcote Lane in Cardiff which features the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

The stunning artwork in Cathays shows the capital city Kyiv reflected in a person’s tearful eye. This is following the recent attack on Ukraine launched by Russia.

The artist, MyDogSighs wrote in his Instagram post showing the mural: “We’ve all sat and watched this hideous situation unfurl, and while it’s not much, I wanted to do what I know best (throwing paint) to highlight my sadness and anger over the Ukrainian invasion by Russia.

“I used two images to create the silhouette, the first, the beautiful place in the centre of Kyiv and the second a powerful photo that came up on my Twitter feed.

“The tear speaks for itself. A horrid, horrid situation.”

The artist is known for his large murals which convey emotion through intense detailing of reflection in an eye.

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