We asked Cardiff Uni students how they feel about face masks being scrapped

It is a pretty even divide between those wanting to keep masks and those wanting them gone

As of the 28th February, masks will no longer be mandatory in all indoor places, except for transportation, shops and healthcare facilities. With the scrapping of Covid passes earlier this month, it comes to no surprise that the Welsh government has started easing the rest of Covid restrictions.

The Tab Cardiff asked Cardiff Uni students their thoughts on the prospect of a mask-free life and there has been a mix of opinions regarding this change of rules. Here are some of the opinions you shared with us:

‘Smelling your own stanky breath is not the one.’

For many, this news was long overdue and feel that it is a step in the right direction of getting things back to normal.

36 per cent of respondents supported the decision. Many simply commented: “Finally” and “Asap pls”. Others elaborated more, stating that it “would be nice not to have to wear them while working” and that for glasses-wearers it would “nice to stop my glasses steaming up”.

‘Let’s still keep them on for a bit longer…’

In contrast, 40 per cent of respondents expressed their reluctance to get rid of masks.

Some claimed that this decision would be a “recipe for disaster” and is a “stupid move” as masks are “only a good thing” which are “not necessary to get rid of”.

A number of respondents also suggested that this measure would cause cases of Covid-19 to rise once again and therefore, have “the potential for another lockdown”, the opposite of what this measure would intend. Many claimed that they would continue to wear their masks regardless of the change of rules.

‘Don’t care much either way’

The remaining participants were impartial to the decision but noted that they are “never seeing anybody wearing them anyway”, questioning the effect that officially scrapping masks would actually have if the public are choosing not to wear them in the first place.

And as Robert Dimitrov, a Cardiff Uni student, told The Tab Cardiff: “Scrapping masks won’t change our everyday life significantly.”

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