Here’s our round up of how Cardiff Uni students spent Valentine’s Day!

Love is STILL in the air

With Valentine’s Day taking over the whole of February we couldn’t help but recap on some of the things that Cardiff students did to celebrate the day. We received loads of responses over on our Instagram and we’ve picked out the ones you need to hear:

The Clubbers

The most common response was that people had been at the traffic light party in Pryzm. For those of you confused by the theme, it involves dressing according to your relationship status. Singletons took to the dance floor in green and those who are in a committed relationship went in red. Orange meant it’s complicated… and this is defo a tricky situation if you’re unsure whether you and your side piece are official or not. Imagine wearing orange and they wear green (awks).  We would like to think that there weren’t too many people at the event wearing red, surely you guys were spending quality time with your partners in places other than nightclubs?

The Isolating

Our hearts go out to all of the lovers trapped in their Cathays houses with Covid. There were way too many lonely hearts who responded telling us they were in isolation. No matter what your opinion is on Valentine’s Day, there is no denying that being forced inside makes it that bit sadder. However, on the upside, if you spent V-Day in isolation you’ll be out for Pancake day, and that’s a big win in our eyes!

The Fine Diners

Expectedly, most lovers spent their time dining in Cardiff’s finest but it seems that Maccies is where a lot of students ended up spending their Monday evening this week. Nothing says love like sharing a 20 share box of nuggets. We are jealous.

The Grafters

Tonnes of people were working on the day, we understand you were needed to help businesses handle Valentine’s Day rush, but something about working the day doesn’t scream Happy Valentines Day! I suppose you have to focus on the money and the amount of VK’s you can purchase when your pay drops. That makes it worth it, right?

The Unique

The rest of our responses were a lot more niche and specific to the individuals, but nevertheless, some deserve a mention. For example, one student said they spent the night watching romantic films while eating chocolate and crying. This experience doesn’t sound desirable, but it sounds very cinematic. It’s probably the only day of the year where this behaviour isn’t very questionable, so you get those tears out gal!

On the topic of food, another student said they triggered their allergy by eating gluten… this sounds like self-sabotage, AVOID ALLERGENS!! Jk, we know that this was probably unintentional, and we do genuinely have sympathy for how your Valentine’s Day planned out. You could always re-do the day and pretend that never happened? Unless you were looking for an excuse for not having any V-Day plans?

The Fitness Fanatics

A final shout-out must go out to the responders who spent their day exercising. From couple trips to trampoline parks and yoga, many pairs took to spending their romantic day getting a sweat on (no, we don’t mean like that). Not only did people take to exercising together but many sports teams still went ahead with their weekly training! Fair play to all of you for your commitment to exercise.

Anyway, thats all we have for our Valentine’s Day round-up, we can’t wait to hear how you spice up the next big calendar event: St.David’s Day!

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