Cardiff Students: Here are your biggest icks

From mullets to velcro wallets, there are a lot of opinions here

Dating comes with so many obstacles these days, and the biggest of all would probably be the icks. We’ve all been there: a good date or a talking stage that’s going well… but almost too well. Then he starts randomly doing push-ups against a wall and you can’t even look him in the eye anymore. Well, it was nice while it lasted, right?

But in a city like Cardiff, surely there’s no shortage of icks? So The Tab Cardiff spoke to students about their biggest icks, and they did not disappoint.

Singing the wrong lyrics

If you’re the type of person to still try and sing the song, but you end up mumbling the entire thing then we don’t know what to tell you – apparently it isn’t working in your favour. It’s even worse when they’ve just been bragging about how much they “love” Oasis, and yet Wonderwall is the only song they can actually remember. Kinda sus.

You can sing, you can jive. Having the time of our lives: oh oh watch that girl? Be that queen? Loving a singing queen

Pushing a pull door

That cocky walk up to the door followed with the startled and confused look around after the door won’t open. Ew. We wonder what’s worse: pushing a pull door or going round twice in the revolving door in the JP building? Either way, it’s not a good look.

Being an editor for The Tab

Not going to lie guys, this one stings a bit.

Not gonna stop us from editing though

Pasta sauce around their mouth

We just don’t understand how you’ve gotten into university if eating without being messy baffles you. Sorry to be harsh, but how old are you? No one likes a messy eater, come on.

If he talks badly about other women

This is a big one. It says a lot about the other person if they are willing to talk down about anyone while trying to impress you, run for the hills. Why are you even going on about how awful other women are when you’re on a date with someone? We wanna know about you, not the terrible exes you’ve had. Sorry, but it isn’t first or second date material.

If your chat is mainly bashing everyone you know, we’re sorry to say you have no chat. Don’t disrespect other people on a date. No one likes a pick me.

Putting their height in their bio

“5’11, because apparently height matters” – need we say more?

6ft4 when I’m standing on something

A mullet

Now this is controversial. Don’t we all love a bit of business in the front, party in the back?

Paying for takeaways via PayPal

This is a niche one. Are you an Apple Pay die-hard, or do you still type in your card numbers every time you’re craving a Maccies? Look out if you’re a PayPal user, you have quite a few haters.

Pre-cry sesh. Just wanted a kebab, not to be trashed due to payment methods

Velcro wallets

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like the sound of that harsh ripping of Velcro that makes you question a second date. We’re not even sure where you can buy these anymore? It’s an interesting choice for sure, but it’s less likely to impress and far more likely to be brought up to their housemates as soon as they get home.

Not recycling

Did Greta teach you nothing?

Cardiff Met

No comment. Our readers are harsh and it shows.

Haters gonna hate

Skinny jeans

In a time of baggy jeans and so many places to shop, there’s really no excuse to still be wearing spray on skinny jeans. You know who you are, it’s 2021 please move with the times.

Loud eaters

The biggest ick as voted for by Cardiff students is no surprise. Close your mouth when you’re eating- very simple and yet far too common.

So if you’re looking to be lucky in love, read this article carefully- it might just salvage the second date.

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