Meet the third round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorettes

It’s time for round three and the girls are just too peng

We’ve already seen two rounds of gorgeous girlies and now it’s time for the next. Don’t forget to vote at the bottom for who you think deserves to be crowned most eligible bachelorette 2021.

Instagram handles have been included so if you fit their description of “ideal”, maybe we can officially start playing cupid.

Georgia, Third Year, English Literature and Creative Writing

Georgia said she is “honoured” to be nominated because “it’s about time I met Mr Right.”

She managed to lock herself out of Tinder so if you’re looking to swipe on her, head to Bumble. If it’s a Wednesday night, you’re most likely to find Georgia at YOLO. It’s the ideal location for her since her go-to pick-up line is: “Oh my god, do you play rugby?” Guess we’ll find her in the rugby corner since her type tends to be rugby players. She insists her type is “tall, dark, and handsome” but history points to blondes.

Georgia’s been described as “clumsy, fit, and a little too honest,” but hey, honesty is the best policy, right?

Her best stories of being single are the amount of free drinks she’s received but the downside is one night she got called the wrong name. She told The Cardiff Tab: “My name’s Georgia, not Violet.” Keep that in mind if you’re trying to get a date.

Hettie, First Year, English Literature and Creative Writing

Hettie told the Cardiff Tab she is really excited about the nomination and that she “can’t wait to hopefully meet someone!” You’ll know you’re the one if she uses her favourite pick-up line: “Have you been to the doctors recently? Because I think you’re missing some vitamin-Me”

She’s been described as bubbly, caring and radiant by her friends. Her ideal partner will make time for her and willing to be the big spoon. So if that’s you and you happen to be funny, thoughtful, and kind, then hit her up.

Hettie hasn’t had the best of luck, having once gotten dressed up in sexy lingerie only for the other person to make a “do not disturb” pillow barrier between them. Oof. Her friend then tried to set her up with someone else only for said friend to get with the blind date.

Grace, Second Year, Psychology

When asked how being nominated makes her feel, Grace said: “Gives me a bit of a laugh, did expect something when my mates were asking me dating questions.”

She’s been described her as sexy, sweet and flirty. She loves to go for “cocky people without the cock” but will make an exception if you’re a skater boy. You’ll know you’re the one if you match with her on Tinder and she uses her go-to pick-up line: “Yo my slime.” 

Grace loves a good SU night and says there’s nothing better than YOLO or Juice. Her best single story includes getting with a girl at a party only to go round to another guy’s house after.

If you think it ends there, on the way over she ended up bumping into an ex hook-up. Another one of her charming single-stories involve going on a Tinder date at 18, when he came round to hers on the second date, both of them realised he was her 24-year-old brother’s best friend. Best friend’s brother is such a classic though, isn’t it? Obviously her go-to app is Tinder.

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