What does your favourite Cardiff lockdown walk say about you?

A walk around Bute? How original

With lockdown being never ending, we’ve all spent hours walking, whether it be a brisk stroll with your house, or a juicy catch-up with another friend. Your lockdown walk makes you a lot more predictable than you think – we’ve got you worked out.

Basic bitches go to Bute Park

We can’t knock it, it’s definitely the best place to walk. It may be a basic choice, but you embrace it. When painting a picture of the stereotypical walker at Bute, one thing springs to mind- lattes. Whether you went to the secret garden, or trekked to the castle coffee shop, you’re 90% certainly getting a latte for the walk, you deserve it though, right?

You’re deffo the group gossip. As shameless as walking around Bute is, we know your motive. No walk around Bute park is complete without accidentally bumping into some mates and having a socially-distanced catch up. After all, when you’ve spent the day inside your Cathays box room we can’t blame you for hoping to see someone other than your bloody housemates. The brisk cold walks around Bute get you excited for the summer vibes of music and drinks in the park.

they’re in my bubble, I promise

Roath Park is for ruthless procrastinators

If you can face the swans of Roath, you are ruthless and you have BALLS. If you go to Roath, it has to be documented – the people of Cardiff must know of the pure dedication you have to walk all the way from Cathays down to see the lighthouse…that you deffo already have 100 pictures of.

If you’re at Roath you’re also a procrastinator, you can make the trip at least an hour and a half and justify it by stating how essential it is to get some fresh air. We agree, it is essential, but maybe a shorter walk would be better when you have a deadline in less than 24 hours. No doubt you’ve also agreed to start the newest Netflix series with your housemates later too, you really do work on your own clock. You’re always the friend who sends the ‘omw!!’ text, despite only just showering.

Cardiff Bay is for the 10,000 stepper mum of the group

If you walk to Cardiff Bay, you give off main character vibes. A Cardiff Bay walk just hits differently, combining cute Insta spots and the right to brag about hitting 10,000 steps. Cardiff Bay is the perfect walk for those who have rinsed Bute, but also those who want to avoid the chance of bumping into their ex on another local walk.

We’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you, but your social media after your trip to the Bay is borderline painful. A trip to the bay turns you into a nature/landscape photographer, despite all of your followers knowing exactly what the millennium centre looks like (and no, it doesn’t look different even when it’s lit up in pink). Whether you did 10,000 steps or not, the idea of a takeaway pint down the Bay is tempting.

You’re also the parent of the group, insisting your house must accompany you for a walk, and proceed to list the benefits of walking. Thought I’d left my mum at home?

Seriously who goes for a walk in the city centre? Do you miss Zara that much?

You’re a special kind of person if your weekend walk involves a stroll around the city centre. It’s practically the furthest from picturesque you could find in Cardiff. You secretly miss the sweet memories of shopping in the St Davids Shopping Centre, and are frankly taking a trip down memory lane waiting for the day you can go back into Zara. Your online shopping addiction is the only way to fill the Zara shaped hole in your heart, and a cheeky bit of window shopping down Queen Street is the nearest you’re getting in this lockdown.

Not only are you a shopaholic, but you are DESPERATE for bottomless brunches to return. Pornstar martinis on me ladies! Any form of spending is your dose of serotonin, even if it means ordering essentials on Amazon to experience the pure joy of opening a parcel. You’re the group liability. They know that you and a bank card is a dangerous combo. You’re one of the few people who has managed to spend all of your loan despite nowhere being open.. good luck for Easter when you can spend money in person again!

Alexandra Gardens is for the hard-worker who spends their life solving other people’s problems

If you don’t know where Alexandra Gardens is, don’t get to know (the quietness is key). If you walk through Alexandra Gardens you’re definitely the reliable one of your friendship group. You give wise advice to those around you, even when you can’t solve your own problems.

You enjoy peace and, most importantly, want to limit the human interaction on your walk. Alexandra Gardens provides you with opportunity to be near home but feel a lifetime away from the hustle and bustle of Cathays. You’re certainly a hard worker, and struggle to leave your desk. The best compromise for you is to take your weekly reading to the Gardens and perch on the benches. We envy your motivation. The most exciting part about the gardens you ask? Getting front seat tickets to Drakeford’s live conferences- who needs the SU anyway?

Only Freshers walk around Blackweir

Realistically, if you’re choosing to walk around Blackweir, you’re a fresher. It’s okay, it just isn’t a first, or even third choice. You’ve most likely ended up there because you’re getting to know the beautiful surroundings of Talybont. You’ve woken up hungover in Taly South by the sound of the house opposite blaring tunes and decided that the only answer is to get out and explore.

Until you fully get to know the area, you’ll end up just circling the same place – but don’t worry, you’ll soon learn all of the shortcuts between the parks. Blackweir is a great option if you’re intimidated by the second and third years who have taken over Bute, you’re close enough to get a taste but far enough away to feel the comfort of Taly. Your close circle is convinced you know Cardiff through and through with all your exploring, you’ll make it to Roath one day!

Pontcanna fields is where Master’s students escape the undergrads

You’re a masters student. To discover a place that has the perfect balance of not being overpopulated by students, and being a nice addition to the daily trip out, you’ve trialled and tested many of the previous walks. You must have experienced Cardiff to know the best (and worst) places to go, and for your peaceful daily walk you know that there are many paths you should not take. You’ve stayed at Uni for the social, but your daily walk gives you time to reflect and focus, assisting in motivating you to actually do the academic part of uni.. after all, it is costing you a lot of cash. You’re the person in your group who everybody thinks is career driven, but the reality is that you had no idea what to do after your undergrad, so a masters just made sense. You’ll work it out, eventually.

If you only go out to Lidl well…

You’re lazy. We can’t sugar coat this one for you, if you’re only walking to Lidl, you should consider doing a lap up Cathays Terrace and back just for the extra steps. No matter how much you try and justify your reasoning, walking to Lidl for your daily shop just isn’t enough. You’ve spent your whole day in front of the TV binging Netflix and have convinced yourself that walking to Lidl is valid exercise for the day. You’re the person in your group who convinces everybody to get a takeaway even though its only Monday.

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