Wannabe DJs, social secs, and druggies: All the personalities that are created in first year

You’re definitely one of them


First year was a period of growth for us all. Some of us learned how to cook pasta, others learned the hard truths of living in a house full of people. Though everyone has changed in their own unique way, we’ve compiled a list of the most notable personalities that developed across first year – the ones who stand out the most to us, and some who will never leave us.

First, you’ve got the druggies

Often this lot definitely weren’t ‘The Druggy’ of the group when Freshers’ Week rolled around, but a couple of weeks in (and a few dodgy nights out later), it became their defining personality trait.

This lot just love to escape the stresses of life for a bit, by getting absolutely off their face and into more stress. Every night out they go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, but they’re always up for a wild night and never fail to be entertaining.

The extra-social Social Secs

The stars were always aligned for this lot to become Social Secs, they organised every flat night-out or night-in and did so with over-the-top, amazing ideas. You wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled out a clip-board while they delegated tasks and printed a perfectly organised plan.

These people go all out, putting you to shame in your ‘it’s fine, no one goes all out anyway’ last minute outfit, and they never missed a social. It seems only the natural way of things that they became Social Secs in second year.

The undercover private school kids

You always had your suspicions about these people. They spend the entirety of Freshers’ Week with a fake ‘common’ accent, talking about their ‘ends’ and how rough it is where they’re from. Then by Christmas they’ve let the second home and the horses slip, and you realise just how private school they actually are.

With the belief everyone at uni downplays their wealth, they love grime and Depot and probably are ‘The Druggy’. So here’s to ‘I have NO money!’. They also say things like ‘rah’ in every sentence. Stop trying to hide it, we know you play polo in your free time and Daddy drives a Jag.

The mum of the group

They start Freshers’ behaving like any of us but come November, you’re in your third argument with them as they give you another row over the dishes. They’re usually found in pre-drinks with the drunkest person there, holding back their hair and telling off their friends for letting them get so drunk.

That being said, they’d never lose sight of you when you’ve over done it in the SU. Future Karens, we love you deep down. You continue to save us time and time again. A true angel.

The tight arse of the group

These stingy people are always the first to ‘borrow’ your bread and milk, but are nowhere to be found when it’s their turn to pour their drink into the Ring of Fire jug. You would otherwise get on with the tight arse, but their empty promises of paying you back and their allergies to sharing keep a tension between you always.

You never start off hating this person, but by the end of the year you’re considering putting a lock on the fridge and thanking God you didn’t choose to live with them next year.

There’s always one recluse

On the first day they seem lovely, a little quiet and your mum feels bad for them – you know. After that, you never see them again. Like the ghost of your flat you’ll occasionally hear them, but that’s it. There’s not much to say about these people, and that’s just the way they want it. We all feel a little bit like this as the moment tbh.

The reformed sweat

They arrive on that first day with grand dreams of a first, and plans for regular attendance at the ASSL. A few weeks in, and a couple of SU Wednesday’s later, they’re stumbling into seminars still painted orange from the night before – that’s if they even make it.

These people have done a 180 since Freshers’ Week. With broken dreams of pulling all-dayers in the library, they instead pull all-nighters in their messy rooms, hungover and aiming for a pass. But hey, first year doesn’t count anyway, does it?

From every flat came a wannabe DJ

They probably had dreams of DJ’ing to thousands of people at festivals, but Cardiff freshers in a Taly North kitchen will have to do. It quickly becomes clear that their degree is their back-up plan if the whole DJ thing doesn’t work out.

Credit: @steveaoki on Instagram.

So there we have it, all the personalities that arise after Freshers’ Week. Don’t be naïve in thinking you’re an exception to this rule, because unfortunately we’re all in this together.

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