Love in Lockdown: how Cardiff students have dated during a pandemic

go click and collect your man, gurl

It’s safe to say that this year has definitely not been good for students love lives. Lockdown has made it a hundred times harder to meet new people. Pulling in Juice? Nope. Asking the cute girl sitting six seats away from you in a lecture to go grab a coffee after? Absolutely not. Even going over to someone in a pub is out of the question.

So we asked Cardiff Uni students how they have been finding love during this lockdown. Put simply, people have been getting creative, and tbh it’s pretty impressive…

Swiping right for days

One student told The Cardiff Tab that they, “matched with her on Hinge at the start of lockdown and didn’t meet until 7 months and now been dating for 3”. Now that’s an online dating success story if we’ve ever heard one.

Tinder has proved itself even more invaluable to students this term, as one of the only ways in which to talk, meet up, or shag new people.  Online dating has really come into its own during the pandemic. One Cardiff student said that they, “met on dating app in first lockdown and first couple of dates were socially distanced”

The addictive swiping, if nothing else, has given us super thumb muscles. It seems most have turned to online dating, and to be honest who can blame horny, bored and Juice deprived Cardiff students. Be prepared though to keep the convo going for weeks on end before you can actually see them, but at this point most are willing to do anything for a bit of attention.

Breakout rooms are the new speed dating…

Now even though most hate breakout rooms, there are some circumstances when it can be used as a method of flirting. Get put in a breakout room with one other handsome stranger, don’t be scared, use this 10-minute session for some undisturbed flirting. Use Zoom as your wingman.

Firstly, it gives you their full name, so no need to scroll for hours on Facebook through all the Jasmin’s to find YOUR Jasmin. Second, when you leave your breakout room you can continue to stare into their beautiful eyes, without anyone or them realising. Even though this sounds slightly stalkerish, Covid has driven us to this what can we say.

Socially distanced walks in the park, coffee in hand

A student told The Cardiff Tab, “our love blossomed from socially distanced walks everywhere”, so it can happen people. Trade that cocktail date in for the Roath Park duck pond and you’re away.

Even though it’s slightly different to getting black out drunk in the SU and floating around the rugby boys’ corner, it is a more fulfilling way to get to know someone.  Who knows, this romantic walk in the park could lead to several more romantic strolls… worth a try eh?

Click and collect a boyfriend/girlfriend

One student told The Cardiff Tab that they “met at Asda click and collect <3”, and honestly we’re impressed. This student definitely came out with more shopping than they bargained for.

Cardiff Uni students have once again got creative, and shown us that love really can be found anywhere. Even a boring shopping trip could turn out to be the start of your great whirlwind romance. What a good story to tell the grandchildren. You may not be able to get within 2 metres of them, or be able to see half of their face, due to their mask, but sometimes when you know you just know.

Get your camera’s out for a Zoom date

When we asked Cardiff’s students how they were managing to date during lockdown, one student told The Cardiff Tab that they “started a relationship just before, so online dates every week”.

Yes, Zoom dates are now a thing. All that’s required for this dating activity is a stable internet connection (which may rule out half of Cathays) and a notepad full of questions, in case things get awkward. Oh yes, and without sounding too much like your lecturers, please un-mute yourselves and turn your cameras on.

Others have just lost all hope tbh

When we asked students how their love lives were going during lockdown, to which one student responded:  “Cologne without the C”, bless you. Another told The Cardiff Tab, “falling in love with myself because no one else ever will”. Enough of that attitude, take some tips from our success stories above and get yourself out there. The Cardiff Tab spoke to one student who stated, “single AF”, and quite frankly I don’t think you’re alone, but lockdown’s over and traditional dating can kinda resume as normal, so there’s no need to panic.

So, it seems we’ve all got a bit more ballsy over lockdown. You can no longer rely upon the traditional soundproof dating of nightclubs, house parties, and Dutch courage. Going up to strangers and flirting outrageously in breakout rooms is the new way to find love during lockdown.

As scary as it is, it may lead you to the love of your life, or just getting the shag you so desperately needed.

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