A Swansea Uni student ordered a kebab but was given a full box of cheese slices instead

Pretty tragic tbh

A Swansea University student was left disappointed after receiving a stack of 40 cheese slices in her takeaway box instead of the kebab she had ordered.

Sophie Stevens, a 22-year-old mental health nurse student from Llanelli, had spent the day looking forward to ordering a kebab. But when she went to dig in to her long anticipated meal, she “opened the box to find 40 slices of cheese”, according to her Facebook post.

via Sophie Stevens’ Facebook

Cheese. 40 slices of it. Stacked all the way up to the lid – primed to spring out like some kind of  cheese jack-in-the-box.

Considering she had been waiting all day, this could have really ruined her evening. But luckily, Sophie saw the funny side. She posted about the incident on Facebook, and joked that she “cannot cope”.

People in the comments section of her post naturally chimed in with some cheese-based banter, with one individual saying they’d have been “Pretty cheesed off”. We see what you did there.

Another person compared the tower of cheese to a “Christmas decoration.” I’m curious to know what Christmas looks like at their house.

In her Facebook post, Sophie also added that she “ended up getting my kebab in the end”. We do love a happy ending.

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