Hitting the gym and going for a pint: what Cardiff students are doing after lockdown

we’ll all be heading to the pub

It’s been a long old two weeks for Welsh students, and most of us are itching to get back to some form of normality. We spoke to Cardiff’s students about all the things they’re going to get up to once this firebreak lockdown is over, and here’s what they had to say:

Many will be heading straight to the gym

An overwhelmingly popular response when we asked students how they’re going to celebrate lockdown ending was actually the gym. Are you OK? Will a pint at the Mac not suffice? Tbh, fair play to you, we all need a bit of gym motivation this time of year. One student decided that the gym was all too mainstream and that they were planning on “going axe throwing” instead. Exercise is one of the only things that can keep us sane at the moment, so I don’t blame all you keen gym-goers really.

Some of us can’t wait for a romance reunion

Aw how cute, we love to see it. Many students told The Cardiff Tab that they’re going straight on a date with their significant other. Some people have boyfriends, other people have pints. It’s just one of them things. One student mentioned that they were actually meeting up with their ex after lockdown? You ok hun?

Pub, pub, pub, pub

Look, it’s the British way. Celebrating something? Pub. Sad? Pub. Worldwide pandemic? Pub. It really is the only solution you know works every single time. One student simply said “PUBPUBPUBPUBPUB”, a level of excitement one can only admire them for. “Going for a pint” seemed to be a popular response from Cardiff students. Get booking those tables people, because the table limit has been reduced to 4 people, but hey at least it’s not just from one household anymore. Go wild. Many students were excited for their return to Spoons for a few pitchers.

Others had more practical desires after lockdown ends

One student told The Cardiff Tab that the first thing she would do after lockdown was buy soil for her houseplants. Another student approved of this, stating “going to buy some more plants for my window/garden”. This house plant thing hasn’t half got popular over lockdown, eh?

Credit: Overheard at Cardiff on Facebook

Some students just need their preening back

When we asked students what they’re going to do after lockdown, many students told us that a haircut was on the cards. 2 weeks without your barber is all just a bit much, and you’re starting to get really pissed off at your housemate who keeps offering to do it for you.

Apparently some people just can’t stop studying

One student told The Cardiff Tab that they were heading straight to Pret for a study sesh. Honestly, you need to check yourself. Give yourself one day off at least, you deserve it.

Just wanna see my friends tbh

As we’ve all come to know, lockdowns can be a very lonely time, especially if you don’t get on with your housemates very well or if you live alone. So a lot of students revealed that they were buzzing to see their mates again, and “finally going to make plans and not be antisocial”.

It’s back to isolation for some of us

Whilst Monday 9th November is a poignant day for many students, for others it’s just a reminder that everyone else in Wales is free and they’re not. Let’s all give a moment of silence for our friends who’ve got another week or two of isolation, whether they’re covid-positive or not. Give these people a hand by dropping off a few crates or doing them a solid with a food shop. We haven’t forgotten about you lot, promise.

So there we have it, all the things Cardiff students are going to be doing once this firebreak lockdown is over. Make the most of it folks, we don’t know when our next one could be. One thing we’ve learnt from this pandemic is never to say no to a pint from now on.

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