The ultimate uni from home starter pack every Cardiff student needs

Uni from home has never felt so good

We’re all back in Cardiff now, but university life could not look anymore different. Lectures are online, we’ve got a 10pm curfew, and worst of all there’s no YOLO. Despite no pubs, no gym and no socialswe’ve found the perfect alternatives to get the most out of lockdown in Cathays, and here they are…

Drink the lockdown away

Every good lockdown evening (or afternoon) starts with a drink and whether that’s lager, rosé or a cheeky orange VK it’ll almost certainly help to beat those lockdown blues. The 9.30pm rush to Salisbury Road Tesco for that extra bottle of Echo Falls has become the new 9pm scramble to YOLO. 

We don’t care about clothes or stationerbecause alcohol is the only essential item a Cardiff student needs. The world may be going to shit so we may as well have a pint to celebrate. 

Becoming your inner fitness influencer

if you haven’t got weights, just use a crate of beer tbh

Are you a gym lad that’s spent the last year constantly working out rather than getting a personality? Well don’t worry you can still get that Love Island look without leaving the house. 

Who needs the SU gym when you can just get a set of £5 dumbbells off Amazon? So, sack off your assignments and get squatting because you know what they say guys, ‘gains before brains.’ 

Your dressing gown has become your new best friend

Another essential for any Cardiff student’s uni experience from home is the humble dressing gown. Whether you’re sat in bed watching Netflix, cooking dinner or having a cheeky drink in the kitchen, where would you be without your trusty dressing gown?  

Get under someone to get over lockdown

The best way to spend a lockdown night is to just keep swiping right. Without SU one night stands we’re all lacking a little bit of loving. And that’s where dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge come inSo, throw on your dressing gown and find that big spoon you’ve been looking for.  

 Having a night out…in

We all get FOMO hearing the tales of your mates’ antics on the night out you didn’t go on, well worry no morenow you can have a night out which you have no excuse to miss. 

Don’t think that just because socials are no longer happening that you can’t dress up because there’s plenty of themes available that can liven up an otherwise dull evening in. Disco lights and a cheeky cardboard cutout of your favourite celeb are essential for any uni at home starter pack because everyone deserves a good night out, in 

Online lectures taking smart casual to the next level

Stressed about what to wear to see that special someone in your lectures? With this revolutionary idea you’ll have never seen smart casual quite like it. Why bother with a full outfit when only your top half is going to be noticed. Gone are the days where you need to look catwalk ready for your sports social, now it’s half price and you look just as good.

If you’ve got rubbish wifi, you can afford to look extra shitty because you’re pixelated on everyone’s screens anyways. 

This lockdown may have felt longer than the queue for Juice, but with this starter pack there should be no excuse to stop living your best (socially distanced) life. So, throw on your dressing gown, pour that glass of rosé and get swiping. 

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