Cardiff students hosted their own YOLO, and here’s what happened

VK’s all over the floor as you’d expect

One group of Cardiff students had decided that the wait for the SU to open again was all too much, and they were in need of some nostalgia for one night only. This Cathays house hosted their very own YOLO during isolation, don’t worry it was just the one household. Here’s what happened.

Student ID’s were checked on the door

Party-goers at this Cathays household entered the YOLO event, to be met by a bouncer who was checking student ID’s. Of course, who can get into the SU without one. Forget cash, the humble student ID is like gold dust on a Wednesday night.

Of course there were VK’s all over the floor

We’ve all missed the old VK football and netball games in the SU a bit too much, so this house decided that their rendition of YOLO would have to include a few empty VK bottles on the floor. If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

There was a DJ there, obviously

You can’t have the classic YOLO night out without a DJ on hand. We all know the SU playlist off by heart at this point anyways, so you could easily replicate the set.

VK’s were the choice of consumption

No SU night or mock SU night is complete without a VK or 10. Party-goers in this Cathays house were spotted drinking orange VK’s, the Cardiff classic. Honestly, you smashed it.

They even had a designated smoking area

Fenced off in the corner of their living room was a designated smoking area, complete with a string and handwritten paper sign notifying users. Ah, the smoking area. The place of dreams. Does anyone actually use it to smoke… thought it was more of a friendship stop to locate my missing mates after they’d snogged a rugby boy.

A hand-painted YOLO sign was on display at the entrance

Fair play to this group of students, they really went all out to enjoy their very own YOLO, and by the looks of it, it went down well. The household painted a YOLO sign on the entrance to their SU living room, and honestly I wish I put this much effort into my degree because wow.

So there we have it, some SU-missing students hosted their very own SU night with all the bells and whistles. VK’s were drunk, ID’s were checked, and DJ’s were in house. This is a level of extra we can all aspire for.

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