Stop stressing about results and vote for Cardiff’s BNOC 2020: The Final Round

Meet our finalists from each round!

BNOCs across Cardiff were nominated, nominees were spoken to, and then finally: all of you voted in each of the rounds. Here’s our final round to figure out who Cardiff’s BNOC actually is.

Charlotte Towlson, History and Politics, First year.

Instagram: chartowlson

How do you feel about making it to the final?

“Winning my round makes me feel like I can do anything now. It’s such an honour I’d like to thank my family and friends for this opportunity. It was all a joke and now a reality. Do I get T-shirt now or something?”

Self-written bio:

“I’m a first year history and politics student. I’m a huge chatter box and love making friends around Taly or on a night out, which is how people know me I guess! My friends would describe me as “hilarious”, “cheerful” and “tiktok obsessed”. So maybe I’ll finally get TikTok famous?” We asked Charlotte for her TikTok (@ctowlson) and since she won round 1, it seems only fair to give her some clout.

Maya Patel, Biomedical Sciences, Third year.

How do you feel about making it to the final?

“Kinda funny. I guess I gotta say thanks to all my fans for voting, it’s my biggest achievement.” Nothing like being known around Cardiff!

Self-written bio:

“I really can’t dance in a club but I’ll be there till the end and you’ll find me at T&A’s after.”

Tom Salmon, Sport Development, Third year.

How do you feel about making it to the final?

“It’s a bit of a surprise but feels good to make the final!”

Self-written bio:

“The human equivalent of a Cookie Monster and Barnaby bear love-child. Also, the chairman of the hockey society at Met.” Sometimes you need your mates to help out with self-written bios. Besides, who knows us better than them, huh?

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