Cardiff Uni release statement regarding Taly scandal

The Residences team has apologised to any students affected

Cardiff University have released a statement regarding the Talybont Halls scandal, which saw the belongings of numerous students thrown away or stored by Residences staff.

“We trusted them”: Students shocked to find belongings left in and around bins

In the statement, addressed from the Residences team, the university admit “shortcomings in our actions and our response.”

They also formally apologised to all students affected by the actions and “have put a complete stop on any cleaning of kitchens”, saying “no student belongings of any kind will be moved.”

Furthermore, they have said that “any student affected by our actions will be compensated for any losses incurred” and that they “will try to contact students directly where this is the case.” This is sure to be a welcome relief for many students worrying about loss of possessions.

Rooms have been left in a state by Residences team

They’ve reiterated the point that all belongings stored will be available to students post-lockdown, stating they “will inform students of our plans on how your belongings can be collected once the lock down is lifted to give maximum clarity and transparency on our future actions.”

You can read the full statement here.

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