The shelves in Cardiff stores are virtually empty and everyone’s officially gone mad

I just want to wash my hands

We’re all aware of the moral panic caused by the coronavirus outbreak and people are going crazy. I went out shopping around Cardiff just to grab some everyday bits and who knew supermarket shelves could ever look so empty?

Home Bargains on Albany Road

We all love Home Bargains for their cheap as chips toilet roll and aisles of essentials. Well, I definitely felt disappointed when I walked in and couldn’t even grab some toilet roll?! It’s not just Home Bargains, as Savers and Wilko have also completely run out too.

Fancy some noodles? Oops, too slow. The Cardiff public has well and truly stocked their shelves to the brim with cupboard food that will see them through months, let alone weeks. You can say goodbye to food like noodles, pasta or frozen pizza and our student diets are going to get that little bit worse than they already are.

Well, I would love to buy those 2 bottles if there were any in the shop! Also, people/companies selling hand sanitizers online have probably never had as high incomes as they do right now; £45 for a 500ml bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer? Daylight robbery if you ask me.

Lidl in Cathays

Fancy getting your 5 a day to stay healthy through the pandemic? Well, Lidl isn’t your go-to anymore and you’re just going to have to grab that bag of crisps you’ve been resisting (if they still have them).

Boys and girls of Cathays, we are living in a real nightmare – Lidl Bakery is all out of baked goods.

Asda in Cardiff Bay

Asda is one of the top 4 supermarket giants but is basically looking like an empty warehouse at this point. You could actually play a game of ‘spot the product’ on the shelves.

From a poor student who’s just trying to grab some essentials, please everyone stop raiding the stores and leave at least a pot noodle for us.

Have you been affected by coronavirus? Email tips to [email protected]

If you suspect you have coronavirus, you should phone NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47 or 111 for advice.

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