The EMM was cancelled last night because not enough people showed up

They didn’t reach 500 people in attendance

An SU EMM (Extraordinary Members Meeting) was adjourned last night due to a lack of attendance. For the democratic meeting to take place, it needed a minimum of 500 people attending. The meeting had been called to reconsider the SU’s stance on strike action.

The attendance in the Great Hall appeared to be low, but the chair waited an extra ten minutes in the hope more people would attend. By 7:40PM it was postponed as it was clear the quorum of 500 students was not going to be reached. An estimated 150 students attended the meeting.

The chair said the meeting would be rearranged for a later date. This has yet to be announced.

Three motions were to be debated at the EMM; one by Antonia Needha “Cardiff SU must support further strike action, another by James Wallice which looks at setting the SU’s stance towards strike action as neutral, and the final motion by Rachel May Phillips with aims to support students during strike actions.

Rachel Phillips told the Cardiff Tab:

“As the proposer of a motion, I’m obviously disappointed to not be able to put it forward to the student body this week, especially when it was all about supporting students through the industrial action.

“However, I understand the meeting will be rescheduled and there will be another chance, which is great news! It was also great to see the turnout of students who support their striking staff and those who are on strike – it really warmed my heart that so many care about not reversing the November AGM decision to support the strikes.”

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