Emily-Haf James

Cardiff Uni schools are cancelling exams and extending deadlines

Emails have been sent to students explaining these changes

Cardiff Uni student was almost kicked out of Live Lounge for speaking Welsh

The girls involved are extremely upset by the incident

The EMM was cancelled last night because not enough people showed up

They didn’t reach 500 people in attendance

There’s a big Twitter war going on between the striking students and Cardiff’s SU President

A complaint has been sent to the UCU President

BREAKING: Tiger Tiger is closing down for good


Cardiff Uni has condemned student who allegedly spits on Taly Gate residents’ windows for being ‘Tories’

The post was uploaded anonymously to Cardiff Confessions

Cardiff Vice-Chancellor says students graduating is top priority amidst strike action

He stressed his priority in an email

You can question the Vice-chancellor about the strikes next week

Cardiff SU is hosting a Q&A meeting to discuss the effects of strikes on students

Cardiff listed as one of the world’s most at risk cities from global warming

It’s at risk of being underwater by 2050

UCU announces 14 days of strike action in Cardiff University

It’s happening in over 70 universities

Cardiff police increase stop and search rights after two stabbings in 24 hours

Police have authority to search any pedestrian

Cardiff University researchers make schizophrenia breakthrough

It offers new insights into the biological causes of schizophrenia

King’s becomes the first uni in the world to formally end testing on mice

It follows campaigns by animal rights charities

Cardiff’s Victoria Fish Bar is opening on Christmas Day to feed the homeless

They aim to help the elderly and homeless

The Depot in Cardiff will be moving to a bigger site next month

New year, new depot?

Black and Asian Welsh not included as options for 2021 census

“It’s like forcing people to choose between being Welsh or being black or Asian”

Cardiff University has officially declared a climate emergency

They aim to become carbon neutral by 2030

‘Alright Mate?’: SU launch new campaign to help mens’ mental health

It aims to raise awareness for Men’s Mental Health

Oh, oh, oh! Ruth Jones turns up as Nessa to turn on Barry’s Christmas lights

Am I dreaming

The undeniable differences between Cardiff Uni and Cardiff Met

There’s no room for negotiation