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Meet the Cardiff student whose revision notes earned over 50k followers on Insta

Who knew revision could be so pretty?

We're all back to the grind and revising for our January exams. You thought your revision notes were fit with your mind maps, flash cards and spider diagrams but a Cardiff student is changing the game.

Zoe's coloured sections and calligraphic handwriting has made it hard not to appreciate the aesthetic of her revision notes.

With over 50,000 Instagram followers, Zoe shares her disbelief of how much attention her page has reached. She said "it took me a year to hit 1000 followers" but once she realised the positive influence it was having on others, it her gave an incentive to work even harder. Zoe said she "posts tips on [her] blog and what resources [she] used", helping others do well too.

Zoe is currently a second year biomedical science student at Cardiff University.

Due to the nature of her degree, she clearly has a lot of content to learn. Instead of writing illegible notes or copying everything and anything from the specification (we've all done it), she condenses each part of information she needs into super neat and pretty sections. Who knew you could be envious of revision notes?!

Zoe told The Cardiff Tab: "I've always made notes throughout my GCSEs and A levels" but never truly understood "how intense the jump was" resulting in grades she wasn't happy with.

Rather than giving up, she decided to make these notes in 2016 after using inspiration from similar accounts. For her, the ultimate purpose was to document her journey whilst sharing her failures and successes in the hope of motivating not only herself but others too.

Zoe went on to say "it's just kept me motivated mainly! If I'm ever in doubt, I know I can ask on my story and there'll be people with advice and input."

With her university future held in doubts and fears, she turned to messages that people had sent her and used them to motivate herself – the beauty of insta!

So the question on everyone's lips is 'how can I even attempt to make notes like Zoe?' Well ladies and gents, we have an insight to that.

Zoe believes that by finding whatever works for you is key as your own notes will be the easiest way to revise. Zoe shares how she "always reads over the lectures and [also does] some extra reading before condensing them".

Here comes the pretty part of the note process. Zoe says she "[uses] a different colour pen for keywords and highlighting important terms allows them to stand out!" Great, we can all do that but the tricky bit will be the calligraphy. That will take some time for us all to master, but we're sure we can catch up.

Zoe will continue to make us jealous with her incredible notes whilst I can barely draw a Venn diagram correctly.