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Cardiff Uni Lecturer criticised for calling Tory voters ‘vermin’

His Twitter is now private

A Cardiff University lecturer has been under the spotlight after a tweet in which he referred to Conservative voters as vermin.

Dr Andy Williams, who is a senior lecturer at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, tweeted after the election on Thursday that British men and boomers are “statistically more likely to be vermin than women & the young.”

On his Twitter, which has since been made private, Williams stated: “I was quoting Nye Bevan, a political hero of mine. I stand by my views of Tories as vermin. Those who support, wether wittingly or not, the human devastation doled out by the Conservative party are not worthy of respect.”

Andrew R. T. Davies, former leader of the Welsh Conservative Party in the National Assembly for Wales responded: "I am a big defender of free speech, but not sure how @cardiffuni can maintain an inclusive and tolerant atmosphere with teaching staff behaving like this."

Many people took to Twitter to criticise the lecturer on his statements, suggesting that he had made an unsafe space for students, with some even calling for his removal from staff.

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Source: Twitter @MartinE14884579

Some students have also expressed how it negatively influences how students should think.

There were also defences of Dr Williams’ comments, with people claiming that he was simply exercising his right to free speech.

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Source: Twitter @isadora_sinha

When asked for a comment, a Cardiff University spokesperson said: "These are Dr Williams' personal comments, expressed on his personal account. They do not reflect the view of Cardiff University. We will respond to Mr Davies's letter as soon as it's received.” They stated that “there is nothing further to add at this stage”.