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Pro-choice students disrupt pro-life protests on campus

They chanted ‘spread your hate somewhere else’

CW: abortion

A large number of pro-choice protestors have disrupted the pro-life protests and displays outside of Cardiff University's Main Building.

They surrounded the pro-life protestors' graphic abortion related images, hiding them from view with photos of flowers and banners.

Many of the pro-choice protestors were women holding signs reading things such as "my body my choice." They started a chant saying "spread your hate somewhere else".

Posted by Cardiff Confessions on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Many have shared concern that the images are harmful, with someone posting to Cardiff Confessions:

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As a result of a motion passing at the 2019 AGM for the Students' Union to have an official pro-choice stance, protestors from the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK have been displaying graphic abortion related images outside of the university.

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They state that their mission is to "educate society on the humanity of the unborn child and the reality of abortion."

However, the accuracy of the information they are spreading has been questioned by those who are pro-choice. Isadora Sinha posted on Overheard at Cardiff: "The photos being shown do not seem to match the stage of development they are claiming."

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Feature image via Twitter.

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