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12 things I wish someone had told me before Freshers’ Week at Cardiff

The sight of a silverfish will haunt you

Freshers Week

Freshers' Week is upon us and uni is about to begin again. There are mistakes to be made, VK to be downed and life experiences to be learnt.

However, there are many things we wish we'd have known before embarking on our Freshers' journey, and just in time for uni to begin we have compiled a list of 12 things we wish we'd been told before Freshers' Week at Cardiff.

There is free entry to Live Lounge every damn night

This is life saving. If your night is not going well, go to Live Lounge. Even if it is going well, go to Live Lounge. Get there before 2am though because that's last entry.

Literally, you'll realise the standard Freshers' Week nights out are a bore when you've experienced Live Lounge. Loud music, cheesy tunes, chart toppers and one pound shots – you can't go wrong.

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You in Live Lounge x

Soda/Retros Wednesday is for Met

Steer clear. Unless you want to pull a football fuckboy who does Sports Science, avoid Soda. Wednesdays are for downing VK at YOLO or living it up at Live Lounge if you don't get in.

You probably won't eat a proper cooked meal all week

During Freshers' Week you'll forget what a proper cooked dinner even is as you'll be surviving off 3am post-night out Maccies cheeseburgers.

In between the nights out and in the day, you'll probably live off anything to cure a hangover such as greasy sausage sandwiches, more Maccies, and shed loads of Pot Noodles.

Bonus points if you actually manage to get up in the morning to have breakfast.

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Sorry mum

Girls, forget heels because trainers will be your new BFF

You may get dressed up to the nines for nights out at home with six inch heels, bodycon dresses and false lashes, but when you get to uni everyone loves a bit of casual wear.

You will no longer be bothered to wear heels and your go to outfit will probably be denim skirts with whatever bodysuit or tube top you can find and some white trainers. You'll probably spend most of your days wearing loungewear around the house too.

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Vintage sportswear is just one of the casual attires worn in clubs nowadays

Talybont South is a sanctuary for silverfish

Before coming to Cardiff you probably never heard of silverfish – and by the way it's not actually a fish, it's a silver and grotesque looking creepy-crawly.

Talybont South freshers in particular beware. They'll pop out when you least expect it, next to your bed, from behind your desk when you're working and probably when you're in the shower.

Silverfish are such a part of Talybont South, that they are now part of Cardiff Uni culture.

Hello friend!!

You will begin to hate Mr Brightside

Trust me, the novelty of Mr Brightside playing at least once every night will soon wear off. You will no longer get hyped at the classic "coming out of my cage" intro.

VK are part of Cardiff culture

Before you come to uni, VK are a drink for the weak and you'd probably never stoop as low as buying one on a night out. But as soon as you arrive at Cardiff this changes. On a night out at the SU, if you drink anything other than a VK, you stand out. We have a whole bar dedicated to VK, and most people can be seen walking around with two in each hand.

Not enough

Don’t mention sheep or try and mimic the Welsh accent

Your Welsh housemates will probably laugh at your Gavin and Stacey impressions, however they probably won't be impressed that you're mimicking them. Also do not make fun of the Welsh language if you're not Welsh, and do not mention sheep.

There’s not actually that many sheep in Cardiff. Just elsewhere in Wales…

Curry sauce and chips will become your new BFF

A Cardiff tradition and a match made in heaven.

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There’s literally no point in getting to the club for 10.30 queue jump

It's a new city, a new experience and you and your new mates are panicking about getting to the club for queue jump incase it gets too full like it says on Facebook. However fear not, 99.9 per cent of the time they will still let you in after midnight and this way you have more time to party and pre drink, because let's be honest, pre drinks are the best part of a night out. Being sober in the middle of the dance floor at 10.30 is not fun.

Bring a load of fancy dress items for your socials and nights out

If you join a society, be prepared to go to the SU dressed in something weird every Wednesday. Save money by digging out some old treasures at home now, so you don't have to go searching every Wednesday afternoon for a new fancy dress outfit. You will definitely wear a hula necklace at some point during Freshers' Week too.

On a side note, those fluorescent leg warmers from year seven will also come in handy.

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You will instantly pick up the local lingo and will definitely take it back home

Queue the puzzled look on the taxi drivers face when you say "alright drive" in the middle of Wiltshire or some other extremely English county.

No matter what this Freshers' Week brings, enjoy. But also remember that you're soon going to be hooked on the sweet nectar of VK and you will start hating your favourite Killers song.