We asked the Varsity squad all about their favourite takeaways, chat up lines and more

Line up ladies

The Tab Cardiff headed down to the Cardiff University rugby club’s training to ask them a few questions ahead of their big match this Wednesday, when they go head-to-head with Swansea for this year’s Varsity.

If you don’t already know of the fine selection we have to offer, you sure will now.

Louis Silver, third year, Geology

Expectations of the game? To win.

Favourite position? In the bedroom? Doggy, but I like to mix it up.

Best looking? Huw Parkes.

Score?  I’m a solid 6.5….Oh, you meant for the game?

Plans after the game? Drinking out of the trophy.

Single? Yes, well, depends on who’s asking.

Fave Tinder chat up line? On a scale of one to Merthyr, how Valleys are you?

Fave VK? The white one (Ice).

Plans after uni? Doing a Masters and work in oil.

Ideal first date? Sex at the end. Nah, a romantic walk.

Who’s the longest in the shower? Sam Bellamy.

Favourite Cathays takeaway? Fam Fish.

James Jenner, fresher, Geology

Expectations for the game? We’re gonna beat Swansea and have a great time afterwards.

Favourite position? Flanker or Hooker.

Best Looking? Myself.

Score? 23-17 to Cardiff.

Plans after the game? Go out with the boys.

Single? No, I’m committed.

Fave Tinder chat up line? How heavy’s a polar bear? Enough to break the ice.

Jack McGrath, second year, Medicine (Captain)

Expectations? I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a great occasion and hopefully, we can get the win.

Favorite position? Second row.

Best Looking? That’s a good question, probably Ben Egan, he has a magnificent beard.

Score? 29-10 to Cardiff.

Plans after the game? Gonna meet up with my family, get cap presentation, the enjoy night with the team.

Single? No, sorry.

Fave Tinder chat up line? Been in a relationship for four years, my chat is lost, sorry.

Fave VK? Whatever the orange one is, oh, orange.

Plans after uni? Hopefully become a doctor.

Ideal first date? Something outdoorsy, such as like a hike or something.

Who’s the longest in the shower? You’ll have to ask one of the other boys that, I keep myself to myself.

Favourite Cathays takeaway? Domino’s or some good Chinese.

Ben ‘Beard’ Egan, Ph.D. in Osteoarthritis Drug Development

Expectations? I’ve had experience with it in the past, it’s really unique, there’s nothing quite like it. The emotions on the day are unbelievable and I think it gets the best out of the players, so makes for a great spectacle. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for pretty much everyone involved so yeah, it’s fantastic.

Favorite position? …..Swerve that.

Best Looking? Ooh, I reckon I know who thinks they’re the best looking; Jack Haines. James Davies is the best looking in my opinion, he’s fantastic.

Score? Gonna be a landslide victory to Cardiff.

Plans after the game? Probably have a few beers, few VKs with the boys, nothing too much, we’re sensible and well behaved. We don’t get into trouble, standard stuff for rugby boys.

Single? No, I’ve got a long-term girlfriend.

Fave Tinder chat up line? I’m not good with those sort of things, I tend to just rely on being a large lump in a dark corner.

Fave VK? Green.

Plans after uni? I’m never leaving uni…

Ideal first date? 29 Park Place.

Who’s the longest in the shower? Rhodri. Rod by name, Rod by nature.

Favourite Cathays takeaway? Gotta be Family Fish Bar, long live Fam Fish.

Aron Hughes, second year, Biomedicine

Expectations for the game? It’s a massive game, hard game for uni, expecting a lot of tension before the game.

Favourite position? Flanker.

Best Looking? Ben Egen, he does loads of photoshoots.

Score? 22-19 to us.

Plans after the game? Presentation afterwards, then the SU.

Single? Yes.

 Fave Tinder chat up line? I don’t use Tinder, I don’t even use chat up lines. I’m just a smooth guy.

Fave VK? Orange or green.

Plans after uni? Hopefully a postgrad in medicine, so another four years at uni.

Ideal first date? Not something boring like dinner and drinks, something with a bit more action and adventure.

Who’s the longest in the shower? Rhodri Wall.

Favourite Cathays takeaway? Fortune House Chinese.

Chris Williams, third year, Engineering (Chairman)

Expectations for the game?  I’m really looking forward to the day, excited and nervous but just want to get out there and play. The boys have been working hard and hopefully, we can pull it off on the night.

Favourite position? Six, sometimes seven, sometimes eight – back row essentially.

Best looking? The beautiful Nick Isbister aka Millfield.

Score? Cardiff to win by eight, so 27-15.

Plans after the big game? Head to the SU after party with the team and the Varsity cup.

Tinder chat up line? Never used Tinder.

Single? I have a girlfriend of 3.5 years who lives in Bristol.

VK flavour? One green, one white and a double vod.

Plans after uni? I’ll be back to do my Masters in engineering next year.

Ideal first date? McDonald’s Big Mac meal with and Oreo McFlurry.

Longest in the shower? Shaquille Jack.

Favourite Cathays takeaway? Has to be fried chicken from T&As after the Lash.

You can see all the boys after the big match on Wednesday at 7:00pm in the Principality Stadium, following the girls at 5:00pm. We from The Tab Cardiff wish all the Cardiff teams the best of luck tomorrow.