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An avocado cafe is coming to Cardiff this month

I’ve hit guac bottom

A number of Cardiff University halls contain forms of asbestos

No students were made aware of it

Why students should be doing more to support our lecturers in the upcoming strike

We could actually put a stop to it

Lonely in Cardiff on Valentine’s day? Here’s everything that’ll fill the hole…

…in your heart

Feeling lonely? Here’s how you can borrow a puppy for a day in Cathays

This is not a drill

By the order of the sesh: One of the Peaky Blinders is coming to Cardiff

Get your 1920’s gear on and down your whiskey

Vintage sportswear at the ready: Bump & Grind is moving back to Buffalo!

Yes, really!!!!!!!!!

Here are all the guys who will be battling it out at Gentlemen’s Fight Night

Ooh they’re sexy aren’t they

‘I did not feel guilty one bit’: We spoke to the Cardiff finalist who dumped her boyfrien​d with a tattoo

You might’ve seen her on Ex on the Beach as well

Cardiff University Ladies’ Rugby Club have done a naked calendar​ and it’s out now

And they only cost £7

The 36 mistakes you’ll undoubtedly make as a girl at uni

Wearing a full face of makeup to the gym was a good idea at the time

Cardiff Uni is one of the worst in the UK for missing lectures

I blame The Lash

Stephen Fry was at Cardiff University today

He was in the Haydn Ellis Building by LIDL

Shaggy is coming to Cardiff and it’s about to get boombastic

Girl you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel

Oh my God girls, Gemma Collins is coming to Glam

Take a good look at this. You ain’t going to ever get this candy

Just some classic pictures of people really enjoying the sweet nectar that is VK

Everyone’s not-so guilty pleasure

Cardiff’s best smoking area: REVEALED

The votes have been counted

Cardiff’s best smoking area: Vote now

Can I pinch a fag?

There’s gonna be a free chicken nugget party in Cardiff

Live, love, nuggs

Here’s how you can grab yourselves a free Wagamama’s in Cardiff

Wag-a good deal!

These are the cringiest Facebook posts from the freshers of 2017

We’re talking uncontrollable levels of banter

‘I’ve been covered in custard and spent hours being tickled’: What being a pornstar in the UK is really like

Maintaining a relationship can be tricky

QUIZ: Which one in halls are you going to be?

Only this quiz can tell you

This Cardiff third year funded her travels around Europe through busking

Solo travelling with a musical twist

Cardiff rank over 100 places higher than Swansea in the World University Rankings 2018

I mean, I don’t want to brag, but…

‘But you don’t look disabled?’ What living with an invisible disability is really like

I shouldn’t have to prove I’m disabled by showing my scars

This Cardiff club night will be giving out free McDonalds at the end of the night

This is the best thing ever

Bump & Grind is saying goodbye to Buffalo and changing venue

The classic night will have a new venue in time for Freshers’

Everything you need to know to nail your Cardiff Freshers’ nights out

We’ve got all you need right here

Marcel from Love Island is coming to Cardiff

Maybe he’ll go to the Hoffi Coffi cross roads

A guide to Defining The Relationship because we both know there’s no point in waiting for him to bring it up

Be brave

This new Cardiff club night will be offering £1 VKs!!! Yes, really.

Come on ladies come on ladies, one pound drinks

You can now get Maccies delivered to you in Cardiff

Double cheeseburger, a banana milkshake and some cheesy bites to Cathays Terrace pls hun x

We spoke to the winner of The Tab Cardiff’s BNOC of the year 2017

What a ledge

Ed Sheeran will be performing at the Principality Stadium

He’ll be seshing it up down The Woody after probs

You’ll relate to all of these things if you watched British children’s TV in the 2000s


Rejoice, Ladies! Free tampon dispensers to be installed in the Students’ Union

How bloody fantastic has been spotted in Live Lounge

Willy clearly wanted to go and listen to Smash Mouth

Stop everything – Fam Fish are having a goddamn party this week

There will be DJs and battered sausage

Sick of the jam-packed libraries? Here are some of Cardiff’s best alternatives to work and revise at

See ya later ASSL

You could win tickets to Elrow and Justin Bieber tomorrow on Queen Street

There’s loads of free booze and food too

Breaking: Fire engines called to blaze in Main Building

The fire is said to be in the Chemistry block

I asked guys on Tinder what they thought of sex on the first date

One guy wanted to wait for marriage, bless him

What I wish I knew about online grooming before it happened to me

I didn’t speak out because 14-year-old me felt ashamed

We asked the Varsity squad all about their favourite takeaways, chat up lines and more

Line up ladies

If you stay with your partner after they’ve cheated on you, you need a reality check

Stop making excuses for them

Exclusive: Cardiff student blacked up for a house party and says it wasn’t racist

People at the party made him wash his face

Meet the Cardiff second year who flew to Cheltenham races in Carol Vorderman’s helicopter

Apparently it was well jokes

All the things makeup artists know to be all too true

‘Can you do my eyes for tonight?’

Everything you’re bound to experience as a Welsh speaker at university

“Teach me some Welsh”

I sent my Tinder matches lines from 50 Shades Darker and it got weird

Some weren’t as kinky as me

I tried all the bralettes on the high street for girls with big boobs, and some of them were a joke

Let’s be honest – they weren’t made for us

This Cardiff second year is going mute in February for animal rights

He’s raised over £600 so far

Journalism second year had her passport stolen in Prague

Over £300 and a lot of stress later, she’s now on her way home

The Tab Cardiff are recruiting for new writers this semester

You know you want to

Four Cardiff students have an opportunity to DJ at a top nightclub

Both pairs are currently just short of winning their competition polls

‘Today’s young women’ can do as they please, Sarah Vine

Drunk girls on NYE aren’t the disgrace the Daily Mail wants them to be. They’re an inspiration

Meet the Cardiff third year who was also on Ex On The Beach

She promises sex, fights, tears, and love

How to nail a girl’s night out in Cardiff

The bright lights of Mill Lane are waiting for you

We swabbed campus for cocaine and this is what we found

You’re in love with the coco

Do you know Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor?

Get your nominations in

Gentlemen’s Fight Night is coming to Cardiff

They’re looking for fighters

Girls, we need to stop assuming that guys will pay for our dates

Expecting to be wined and dined on his pocket doesn’t exactly fit with the fight for equality

The Official Guide to Cardiff Freshers 2016


Steinbeck & Shaw are opening in Cardiff

Their grand launch is on Saturday, 23rd of July

Cardiff’s BNOC of 2016

The votes have been counted

Former Cardiff Sociology student is going on Love Island

She dropped out of Cardiff Uni to work as a full-time stripper

Liana Isadora dropped out of Cardiff and now she’s joining Love Island

She’s a professional lap dancer

We tried out Cardiff’s newest attraction, Breakout

It’s been open to the public since the 1st of June

Tiger Tiger voted ninth worst club in the UK

Glam was 18th

I asked my friends why they think I’m single

Some were brutal

Flux to end for good

It all comes to an end on June 4th

My pushy parent didn’t ‘ruin my life’ – she made it

I wasn’t allowed to just ‘give up’, and I’m so glad

BNOC of the year 2016: Heat two

Time for round two!

BNOC of the year 2016: Heat one

Here they are, the big names nominated by you

Who will be crowned Cardiff’s BNOC of 2016?

Get your nominations in!

Taly South residents fined £19,000 in ‘additional charges’ in seven months

The charges include replacing keycards, additional cleaning and damages

I used to be a scene kid

Teenagers scare the living s**t out of me

Alleged Cathays sexual assault happened in the early hours of this morning

Police are investigating the fourth alleged sexual assault in the Cathays area in the past 8 months

Meet the fresher who’s obsessed with cleaning ears

Johnson’s cotton buds are her ear buds of choice

Stena Line Ferries are offering tickets to Ireland for £1

Pint of Guinness anyone?

Cardiff University rank 28th best uni in the UK

We’re the best in Wales

Fire alarm in Taly South goes off eight times in 15 minutes

It happened at 8.45 this morning

My mouldy Taly South room is making me ill

Talk about putting a damper on things

Met second year collapses after drinking three cans of Red Bull in five minutes

He wants to find the man who saved his life