Which Gossip Girl character is your Cardiff halls?

We know you want Chuck Bass

Welcome, to the scandalous lives of Cardiff’s elite.

We all know halls are the place where everything happens here in our little city. It’s no Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of gossip and scandal.

And who are you?


Jack Bass, so close to the family business yet so far. In this case, Aberconway residents are so close to the Business school, but inventively so far. They’re so far from the real halls where the parties happen. Like Jack, these halls are a cousin to the place where everyone wants to be in their first year. And with small halls, and a very small part in the series, Mr Bass just can’t get his break and isn’t really thought of seriously anyway.

Aberdare Halls

There’s only one way you know Vanessa Abrams, and that’s as Lonely Boy’s best friend. Just like she’s the boring, best friend of Dan Humphrey, I guess you could say people only know Aberdare as that girls halls where they always have a curfew and can’t take boys back. They do their own thing, quite separate from the story line or from the classic banter of a Cardiff halls, and no one pays them much attention in return.

Cartwright Court

Like these Albany Road Halls, Dorota is in the middle of being an adult and a friend. The halls are quite far from all and everything first year, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to have its fair share of fun. Like the hilarious maid we all love, Cartwright Court needs a lot more recognition that it gets.

Colum Hall

Your guilty pleasure, no doubt, because you always forget about Georgina Sparks until you feel that excitement for when she returns, in the most dramatic way you can possibly imagine. Like this troublesome Upper East Sider, you walk past Colum Hall every single day, not giving it the utmost ounce of attention, but when you hear that crazy story, the slither of gossip from a fresher who did something mad on a night out, it’s all you talk about as you make your way into uni. Like Georgia, it makes a bang, one heard throughout the entire campus.

Gordon Hall

Sadly, like little Eric van der Woodsen, Gordon Halls is actually a thing. Don’t get us wrong, avid readers, like the inhabitant of the hidden halls, we had high hopes. Eric is a gay character, one we were excited to discover in a show filled with straight, white beauties, but Eric’s story lines fell flat, and we were quite frankly bored when Serena’s little bro ended up on our screen. Likewise, those poor Gordon Halls goers. They probably thought their halls would be a fun experience, something to be excited about, but no one really cares about their halls and no one ever hears anything from there either.

Liberty Cambrian Point

Here she is: Lily van der Woodsen, I mean Bass, I mean Humphrey… Anyway, like this halls, no one apart from the people who live there (or Lily herself) know what it’s actually called. To everyone else, it’s “that Liberty Living place by the hospital” or “Serena’s mother who’s had more husbands than decent story lines.” And similarly to Lily, Cambrian Point is one of the elite. A privately owned halls really makes for an A-List characters, and certainly one of Manhattan’s most wealthy at that.

Liberty House

Oh but none are quite as wealthy as the one and only Bart Bass. With all Liberty Living, the privately owned halls makes for a more monopolised living space for Cardiff freshers. But like the parents of the Upper East Side, you want them far away, but they are needed to help the plot along: The Libertys are needed in Cardiff for the medical and nurse freshers Cardiff Uni hosts.

Roy Jenkins

Ivy Dickens, Manhattan’s wannabe it girl, no matter what it takes. Roy Jenkins is strategically placed, like this conniving actress in the series, right on Crwys Road, smack bam in a hub for student life in Cathays. Unfortunately,  like Miss Dickens, though everyone knows about this halls, no one really pays attention. Everyone knows the real stories of fresher life happen elsewhere, not on the roads where second and third years also roam. Stuck in between the fun freshers of Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibalds, and the boring third years like Rufus Humphrey and William van der Woodsen, the girl just doesn’t know where she belongs.

Senghennydd Court

Talk of the devil: Lonely Boy himself. Dan Humphrey fits into the span of Senghennydd Court, one of the best halls Cardiff has the offer, in the fact it’s central and homes a lot of first years, just like Humphrey here is actually pinnacle to the show. But let’s be honest here, it’s not Taly is it? And,  just like you were disappointed Dan was Gossip Girl, you were also so disappointed when you found out that this would be your halls, when it obviously wasn’t your first choice.

Senghennydd Halls

Ah, little J. Just like her big bro, Jenny Humphrey also wishes she was in the thick of things: she wants to be the Queen. But little J is out of her league. No matter how hard she tries, she will never have the same magnitute or quality than of those of the Main Four – The Taly Halls. Her and big bro Lonely Boy belong in Brooklyn, or Senghennydd, if you will.

The Main Four – Talybont

We all know the Talys are the majesties of Cardiff living space, so it should come as no surprise who fits the bill for the most elite of the Cardiff living space.

Taly Court

We all know we want to be the one and only Queen B, the main bitch of Manhattan’s royalty. Just like Blair Waldorf, we all put Taly Court first (well, except maybe Gate), and with it we live the high life, with the beautiful living spaces, with settees! The parties are themed and most likely planned far in advance, and just like B, they always have a trick up their sleeve.

Taly Gate

One of the richest and greatest halls Cardiff has to offer: we all know the reputation Taly Gate holds, and we most certainly adore the reputation of the one and only Chuck Bass. Everyone wants him, everyone loves him, and everyone knows he is the best Manhattan (or Cardiff, in this case) has to offer, despite its expense. And with the confidence in which he says the iconic, “I’m Chuck Bass”, you live for the pleasure of saying “Taly Gate” when someone asks what halls you’re in. You smug bastard.

Taly North

Though there is no doubt that Nate Archibald fits into the Main Four of Cardiff’s halls, or Manhattan’s elite, there is no denying that he doesn’t compare to the other three. We love him, yes, just like we love Taly North, but there are most certainly flaws, and sometimes, he’s just downright boring. All he’s known for his hook ups, not parties or fun or incredible gossip stories, literally just who he’s slept with. And let’s be honest, there’s no where in North anyone would want to go to for a party anyway.

Taly South

Ah, Serena van der Woodsen. Just like with her in the Upper East Side, Taly South is the it girl of Cardiff Halls. It’s where everyone wants to be, and everyone was disappointed when they didn’t get placed here for housing. She is the majesty of majesties, and just like she isn’t the best character, South isn’t necessarily the best halls, but it is absolutely the centre of attention, the winner in the hierarchy of halls.

Uni Halls

Just like Rufus Humphrey is a big character, Uni Halls is one of the biggest halls that Cardiff has to offer. But why? Uni Halls is so out of the way that people need a bus to get anywhere. Likewise, no one wants Rufus around; we want him back in Brooklyn where he belongs instead of on our screens with his pointless story lines. Sorry, Uni Halls, no one gives a shit.

And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me.

Xoxo, Tab Girl