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Leah Phillips
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Leah. 20. Journalism and English Lit Student. 'Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.' - Jack Daniels

Why cutting the J1 visa would be a disaster

Another day, another Trump drama

These heroic university presidents have spoken out against Trump’s decision to revoke DACA

This decision affects nearly 800,000 people

I asked my Tinder matches to tell me the best and worst thing about my appearance

Brave I know

I asked my Tinder matches to tell me the best and worst thing about my appearance

Brave I know

Cardiff University’s semester two exam timetable has been released

Deep breaths, guys

Nominate the Sickest Society Cardiff has to offer

Come on, let’s beat the rugby lads

Plans have been announced for Swansea University to join the Russell Group

The news comes under a week before Cardiff and Swansea come face to face in the Welsh Varsity

Varsity after party to host YOLO, Juice and a VK foam party across the SU building

The event is next week on the 5th of April

Yes, Daily Mail, women have legs! Here’s everything else you should know about us, too

This is 2017, right?

Cardiff’s Swimming and Water Polo Club have lost their beloved wooden spoons

They have been a part of their club for 23 years

The Flora will be hosting a Harry Potter quiz this month

Work towards your O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s instead of your actual exams

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017: THE WINNER

Clue: They have a dildo called Courtney

This is the Harry Potter world record the SU are trying to break on Saturday

And Domino’s are giving out free pizza at the event

Which Gossip Girl character is your Cardiff halls?

We know you want Chuck Bass

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: THE FINAL

Choose your maddest winner

Is it just me who doesn’t get the big deal about VKs?

They’re not that great

The Tab Cardiff’s Power List 2017

Here’s the elite of the Welsh capital

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: Heat One

Who’s the maddest?

Welcome to Koolers, the Welsh hometown club that should be voted the most tragic in the UK

It’s the epitome of crap, but amazing Valleys nightlife

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: the second nominee

Turn up, drank

How well do you know the Welsh Squad for the 2017 Six Nations?

Will you get a grand slam?