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Leah Phillips
Cardiff University


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Why cutting the J1 visa would be a disaster

Another day, another Trump drama

These heroic university presidents have spoken out against Trump’s decision to revoke DACA

This decision affects nearly 800,000 people

I asked my Tinder matches to tell me the best and worst thing about my appearance

Brave I know

Cardiff University’s semester two exam timetable has been released

Deep breaths, guys

Nominate the Sickest Society Cardiff has to offer

Come on, let’s beat the rugby lads

Plans have been announced for Swansea University to join the Russell Group

The news comes under a week before Cardiff and Swansea come face to face in the Welsh Varsity

Varsity after party to host YOLO, Juice and a VK foam party across the SU building

The event is next week on the 5th of April

Yes, Daily Mail, women have legs! Here’s everything else you should know about us, too

This is 2017, right?

Cardiff’s Swimming and Water Polo Club have lost their beloved wooden spoons

They have been a part of their club for 23 years

The Flora will be hosting a Harry Potter quiz this month

Work towards your O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s instead of your actual exams

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017: THE WINNER

Clue: They have a dildo called Courtney

This is the Harry Potter world record the SU are trying to break on Saturday

And Domino’s are giving out free pizza at the event

Which Gossip Girl character is your Cardiff halls?

We know you want Chuck Bass

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: THE FINAL

Choose your maddest winner

Is it just me who doesn’t get the big deal about VKs?

They’re not that great

The Tab Cardiff’s Power List 2017

Here’s the elite of the Welsh capital

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: Heat One

Who’s the maddest?

Welcome to Koolers, the Welsh hometown club that should be voted the most tragic in the UK

It’s the epitome of crap, but amazing Valleys nightlife

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: the second nominee

Turn up, drank

How well do you know the Welsh Squad for the 2017 Six Nations?

Will you get a grand slam?

Here are some of the best signs from Cardiff’s Demo Against Trump’s #MuslimBan

The Queen Street event hosted thousands of people

Peter Capaldi spotted filming for Doctor Who in Main Building

Claim to fame

Made In Chelsea’s JP will be in Glam on Monday

He will make a guest appearance at The Fest

Nominations are now open for Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher

Do you know them?

Worrisome thundersnow might hit Cardiff today

It is unknown where the fear-inducing snow will strike

It’s official: There will be no more Revs Tuesdays


Sync Tuesdays is not in Revs tonight

It will now be held in Tiger Tiger

I changed my Tinder and acted like a guy does

I think I’m scarred for life

The step-by-step crawl you go on during a sweaty night out in Merthyr Tydfil

The tragic night out that everyone loves

Eduroam goes down in Cardiff a week before the examination period

It’s been reported to have stopped working in Julian Hodge

When Cardiff considers future expenditures, mental health services need to take the forefront

Mental Health funding needs to take precedence

Cardiff’s Most Eligible Bachelorette of 2016

This is the gal you all voted for

Cardiff Council made over £160,000 from Cathays parking tickets this year

Fanny Street was the worst culprit

Big Brother are auditioning in Cardiff tomorrow

They’re looking for pairs

Clubbers of the Week

Will you make your mark in 2016?

Cardiff Christmas Nightlife: Everything that’s happening this final week

Do any of us even bother with uni this week?

Here’s the worst thing that happened in 2016

It was a tight race

There will be a Co-op opening in the SU next week

Finishing touches are currently being made

An interview with the Cardiff Rugby Club Chairman about their ban

They want to commit to charity work around Cardiff to improve their reputation

Cardiff University rugby club have been banned from the SU

They’re trying to suppress ‘lad culture’

The government has banned letting agent fees

Across all of England and Wales

Cardiff nightlife: What’s happening this week

You know you want to

Everything you’ll know if you grew up in the Valleys

Bet you went to Big Pit for a school trip

These second years had a house party to mourn their dead fish

The event was called “Niggles’ Wake”

Why do girls have to worry about their shirt numbers when boys don’t?

What’s the big deal?

We dressed up like girls do for Halloween

When you bring out your inner diva…

Don’t be a boring third year – go out and enjoy yourself

Don’t waste your last year

Things to do on the weekend that aren’t in Cardiff

There’s so much more to Wales

Meet Katherine Reid, the girl who won a car at Bingo Lingo

No, seriously…

Cascada is set to perform in Pryzm this November

She will appear at the tenth round of Battle of the Unis

Cardiff SU’s Full Moon Party has been postponed

It’s been rescheduled for the 14th of November

The SU will begin hosting monthly Full Moon parties

They will last until 6am

The SU brings in VK cocktail stand

It was cheaper than buying VK’s

How to not annoy your Welsh mate, by a Welsh person

Don’t call us English

35,000 came to Cardiff for Roald Dahl’s birthday weekend

‘The City of Unexpected’ is taking place over the 17th and 18th of September

People counting down to Christmas need to get a life

Stop telling me how many weeks there are to go

Black Eyed Peas’ #WHERESTHELOVE is the only relevant song out there right now

The charity single is a rendition of Where Is The Love, which was released 13 years ago


These are the people you voted for

I created a website to support my chronically ill mum

Jimmi Sandham has created a million-dollar idea promotes a unique music experience for a good cause

BNOC of the year 2016: Heat five

You know you love them… xoxo

Mysterious pineapples have appeared all over Cathays

It’s been referred to as the Rising of Spongebob

BNOC of the year 2016: Heat four

Here we go again

BNOC of the year 2016: Heat three

Three time’s a charm

Cardiff is the seventh friendliest county in the UK

It’s the friendliest place to live in Wales

Part of Cathays flooded due to bad weather

High water levels under the bridge between Salisbury Road and St. Andrew’s Place

Having a birthday during exam season is absolute rubbish

Pray for the May babies

Lad culture isn’t to blame for Cardiff’s sexual assaults

The SU seems to think so, though

All you need to know for the Welsh Varsity

All the do’s and don’ts

What’s the cheapest booze to get you bevved?

We tried it so you don’t have to

Cardiff legend Ninjah is the new face of a £1 note

He joins the faces of James Watt, Charles Darwin and the Queen

Cardiff will run an all-night bus service if the taxi strike goes ahead

There will even be a security guard on board

Cardiff are the number one retailer of VKs in the UK

We all know it’s because of the SU

A social with your sports team will always be better than with a society

We all secretly love the rugby boys

Breathalysers at the SU will ensure there are less fights and injuries

Why are you all complaining?

Eduroam blocks Netflix in residences near the SU

Are you safe?

Cardiff is in the top 20 most sexually active uni towns

It’s probably those frisky freshers

Five Thesiger Street girls robbed of Macbook and charity money

The burglar had to climb over 11 garden fences

Glam is by far the best thing about Cardiff

You voted – you were wrong

I went to Flux sober and it was really, really bad

I was home by 1am

What’s the worst night out in Cardiff?

You decide

A USW fresher’s cornea was ripped out from wearing Halloween contact lenses

She bought the £7 cat-eyes for her leopard costume

USW student accused of Freshers’ week attempted rape appears in court

He is one of two men in court in relation to the September assaults

Cardiff Uni bid to become ‘world leaders’ as they launch five new research institutes

The university will soon have nine centres

Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ Week special

Snakes on a ‘buca train

Experts predict onset of disease, storms and extinction in Wales

As if it could get any worse

Inside Cardiff’s most luxurious halls

One of them has a cinema

Health and safety nuts ban grads from throwing hats in the air

Taking the rad out of grad