We swabbed campus for cocaine and this is what we found

You’re in love with the coco

The Tab have found cocaine traces around Cardiff campus, including the ASSL of all places.

Of all the places tested, it was only the Bute building’s toilets that came up completely clear.

Female toilets in The Taf were the worst offender. Testing swabs came up bright blue when wiped behind and around the toilets, surfaces and sinks.


Naughty naughty Taf

Bright blue patches appear when the reactive chemicals of the testing kits come into contact with the Class A drug. They are 95 per cent accurate in detecting street-level cocaine.

Curious to find Cardiff students’ preferred areas of indulgence, we tested both male and female toilet areas in a number of locations around campus.

Y Plas toilets

Perhaps unexpectedly, the SU toilets yielded almost no traces of the illicit substance. Wipes from both sets of toilets in Y Plas returned tiny amounts of blue discolouration, but also very little grey dirt – a testament to their cleanliness.

It was the Taf that provided the clearest evidence. Although a thorough wiping of the male toilets proved fruitless, the same could not be said of the female toilets. Swabs behind the toilet seats caused large blue patches to appear on the wipes, clearly signalling the presence of cocaine.

Study breaks seem to be getting more serious than a panini and a breath of fresh air, too. Swabs from the ASSL showed up slightly blue, but weren’t as obvious as the ones from The Taf, indicating a lower level of cocaine detected in their toilets. Pictured below are samples from the first and second floor library toilets.


A Cardiff University Students’ Union spokesperson said: “Cardiff University Students’ Union operates a zero tolerance policy to the use of illegal substances on its premises.

“As a licensed venue that works closely with South Wales Police and licensing officers, the Students’ Union has policies and procedures in place to deal with anyone who is caught with these types of substances.

“CCTV is used throughout the Students’ Union building and security staff are employed to search customers entering evening events and monitors areas such as the toilets.

“Anyone found to be carrying illegal substances will receive an immediate lifetime ban from the Students’ Union, and the incident will be reported to the police.”