Armed police stop and search man on Whitchurch Road

Another man was arrested on suspicion of drug offences

Undercover and armed police have stopped and searched a man on Whitchurch Road.

It happened outside of the Heath Pub near to Talybont and Maindy Barracks.

One of the police officers at the scene was armed with a rifle.

The armed police officer can be seen to the left of the photograph

A spokesperson for South Wales Police said: “A 26-year-old man was also arrested on suspicion of a drugs offence after a quantity of cannabis was found at a property on Australia Road.

“As part of this investigation another man was stop checked but was not arrested.”

The undercover police pulled over a car on Whitchurch Road

Megan, a fourth year Dentist who saw what happened, said: “I drove up Whitchurch and saw an undercover car had pulled into the traffic across the road.

“I just drove past because it looked like someone getting pulled over for insurance or something, but then when I drove back there was an undercover van as well.

“They had got this young Asian man in handcuffs and there was a policeman stood there in uniform with a big gun.”

The police searched the boot of the man’s car

Allessandro Calliva, a hairdresser at Capello’s on Whitchurch Road, said: “The van and car pulled a dark skinned man over.

“They ordered him to get out of the car and searched him and his belongings.

“They then got him to open his boot and he did so precariously as they were pointing big guns into his trunk.

“Following this they put him in the van whilst bagging up the entire of his cars content.”

The white undercover police van

Other police officers have since arrived at Whitchurch Road near to Talybont.