Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown
Cardiff University


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Exploring the life of Tempus, a student drag queen

This diva has more sass than you

Stop slut shaming girls who just enjoy sex

It’s 2017 guys

How to coax your bit on the side into a Valentine’s date

A present might be out of the question but a date can definitely be on the cards

It’s time to end handjob snobbery

Get a grip boys

Can anyone explain why guys expect a blowjob every time you have sex?

I’m not bitter just salty

When it’s time to stop being ‘that’ girl

The sesh can’t last forever

Introducing Juice: Cardiff Union’s Saturday Night

Let’s get Juicy

Cardiff ranked 35th best university in the UK

That’s 10 places above Swansea looooooooooool

The first YOLO was fire

Gutted you missed it?

Everything you shouldn’t do during Cardiff Freshers’ Week

Don’t sleep with a rugby boy

Cardiff students are the fifth most swiped right on Tinder

So that means we’re really fit, right?

Cardiff’s Student’s Union are providing volunteers to help prevent sexual assault during Freshers’ Week

They are going to patrol around the nightclubs

Cardiff uni scrap library fines in new automatic renewal system

Even your ones from last year won’t need to be paid

Cardiff University student participates at the Grand Prix Poker Tournament

Jack Anthony made it all the way to the event’s Feature Table

Poker Grand Prix is in Cardiff this weekend

There’s a £190,000 moneypot

How to have the perfect festival romance

You made my heart boom at Boomtown

80 cars burnt out at Boomtown festival due to a fire started ‘by a cigarette’

We spoke to someone who lost their Audi in the blaze

Girls tell us what their biggest relationship deal breakers are

Boy, bye

A selection of Cardiff’s inspirational women

They’re at the top of their game

I was scared about posting nudes online, but people’s reactions made it worth it

You shouldn’t be made ashamed of your body

There’s a scientific reason we want to check our phone during sex

Just put it away

This is the science behind period pains

And how you can fix it

Things I’ve learnt from being a sub girl in a BDSM relationship

Just because I’m subservient in the bedroom, doesn’t mean I am in life

Cardiff University medics suspended from clinical practice after ‘blacking up’

31 students were suspended after the controversial play ‘Anaphylaxis’

Cardiff pays tribute to Orlando shootings

Flags are flying at half mast across the city and there will be a vigil tonight at 7.30pm

Woman who went missing at parklife has been found

Rebecca Dacre had made no contact with friends or family since Saturday

Cardiff University’s drama society are performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The festival takes place between August 5th and 29th

Cardiff is the best UK uni for Journalism, Publishing and Public Relations

89 per cent of students are satisfied with their course

I’m not just vegetarian because of concerns about animal welfare

I do it for the future of the human race

Why X-Fest is the only way to end your uni year

Get on the hype and listen to the mic

Salisbury Road Greggs is now open on Sundays

The change came following refurbishment that took place on Thursday

Cardiff police increase patrols following fourth sexual assault

The assault happened on April 22nd around 3am

The Student Union could do more to protect our safety

The only helpful initiative they’ve provided is the safe taxi scheme

Rules of playing a player on Snapchat

Stop getting heartbroken. You’re better than that.

An insight into mental health at the University of Cambridge

A student behind the academic standards

You cannot bring your own alcohol to Varsity 2016

As if being in Swansea wasn’t bad enough

Why the hell have we voted ourselves 43rd best university in the UK?

We’re better than this

Uber could be launching in Cardiff next week

The company does not have a fixed date even though they’re ‘keen to launch’

As a survivor of sexual abuse, I stand by Stephen Fry’s comments

Most people are responding to something they haven’t experienced

Dreadlocking is not the most offensive fashion statement

Wearing camo is a fashionable and criminal offence

LIVE: A huge blaze is currently being tackled by fifty firefighters on City Road

The blaze started around 6pm this evening

What percentage of your uni suffers from depression?

‘Studying itself can be demanding and deadlines can cause a lot of anxiety’

King’s School Canterbury is serving lobster sauce for lunch

It wasn’t even the first option

The male contraceptive pill is coming: Would you take it?

We asked the men of London

Tributes are being paid after a Cardiff professor dies from cancer

Professor McGuigan was a lead researcher into anti-cancer drug research

The unis with the most students suffering from mental health issues

Almost 12,000 of you responded to The Tab’s survey

The guy who made Diffsnaps is being investigated by the uni

They contacted him on Friday

Owner of The Gutsy Goose fined £2,000 for illegally selling alcohol

It’s the third time he’s been fined

It might snow in Cardiff this weekend

It could be up to 2cm of snow

A car has flipped in the air and crashed on the Coburn and Fitzroy Street crossroads

No one was hurt

Five taxis have had their licenses suspended after refusing short journeys in Cardiff

The Council are still investigating Cardiff’s taxis

Coyote Ugly bar to open in Cardiff

It’s going to be up the road from Walkabout

The ASSL Seating Guide

Where you should sit for how you work

Train services out of Cardiff this evening cancelled

Delays turned into cancellations

ASOS remove listing of ‘Slave’ t-shirt worn by a black model

The seller said no offence was meant

We spoke to the people behind Cardiff’s x-rated Snapchat account

‘DiffSnaps are just a bunch of fake wannabes’

Lydia Baxter: Hate to the vapes

Do you even know what you’re smoking?

The Union’s new breathalysing limit is four pints

Don’t worry it’s not permanent

Study drugs are for quitters and the weak

The only lines I need are Shakespeare

The ASSL is not closed for refurbishment and will be open all night

It will remain 24 hours until June

40 year-old-man pleads not guilty for Freshers’ Week rape

He denied the accusation in court yesterday

A graduate’s coursework was submitted for a BAFTA and raised £2k for charity

‘It’s just a film which we used to make a difference’

The 40-year-old man accused of one of the Freshers’ Week assaults is in court today

He is expected to plea not guilty

Man accused of Gorsedd Gardens rape granted bail

He’s bailed to an address in Reading ahead of the trial

A fresher stole the bins on Colum Road last night and took them back to his flat

He sung ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie as he did it

Ninjah has released a new track – Voice of the Nation

It’s already got 3,784 hits on YouTube

Cheating on your boyfriend is the sweetest taboo there is

My game is better than Tiger Woods’

The Turks have been sentenced to 44 months in prison

Cathays and Roath doorstop drug deals are over

Medic and Dental postgrad lecturers are the highest paid at Cardiff

Welsh Language are the second lowest

Glam is Cardiff’s worst night out

But that’s where Smack. is?

Snow forecast for Cardiff this weekend

It’s getting chilly out there

Everything that ever has and will happen at the Lash

Live love lash

FHM’s publishers have finally realised people would rather look at boobs online

Who is still buying magazines?

Cardiff is about to be ravaged by Storm Barney

No, not the dinosaur from the popular television show

Cardiff wins University of the Year

We also won three other prizes for our excellence

Germaine Greer will still give a lecture in November

The university have confirmed it

Petition to ban Germaine Greer from speaking at Cardiff after trans comments

This is the second speaker petitioned against this year

What preventative safety measures should be in place after the Cathays attacks?

‘The Union should definitely do more’

Sober nights, boring sex and other reasons why you don’t need a boyfriend at uni

It’s the best way to ruin three years

A man has been charged with the Main Building rape

He intends to plead not guilty

Man charged over Main Building rape

The attack took place in the early hours of last Sunday

Death at Senghennydd Court

It is not being treated as suspicious

Second man arrested for sex attack in Cathays

He is being held at Cardiff Bay police station

THIRD Cathays sexual assault in Freshers’ Week

Police inquiries are still ongoing

Giant rugby ball appears in castle walls

Ha! Rugger

Generous uni establishes scholarship for refugees and asylum seekers

And the SU is taking donations

Cardiff soars into world’s top one per cent of unis

We’re 278 places ahead of Swansea

£11m accommodation block will be built for 2016

It looks even better than Taly Gate