What are you wearing for Halloween?

‘I’m going to be a scary pumpkin’

Halloween is fast approaching, and the panic of not knowing what costume to wear is finally setting in. Thankfully some of us have already sussed out our outfits, and can help give you some ideas.

Sally Brookley, first year, Business

“I’m planning to dress as the Black Swan, and wear white tights with a black dress. I think I’ll then put lots of black and white make-up around my eyes too.”

Eliza Hogg, second year, English Lit

“I’m going to dress as a rapper, I haven’t decided which one yet though. Just a dead one – lots of fake blood like bullet wounds, fake tattoos, gold jewellery, along with baggy jeans and a top.”

Stacey Treharne, Third Year, Law

“Amy Winehouse. I’ll wear a cheap leopard print dress with my hair up, lots of smokey eye make-up and gonna draw on some tattoos.”

Ollie Pepperell, second year, Biology

He failed to blu-tack the bolts to his head

“I’m heading to a Halloween social as Frankenstein. However, if you’re going to go all out, just try to remember to have a shower before bed – otherwise your sheets become the real nightmare.”

Caitlin Evans, Second Year, English Lit

“I’m going to be a scary pumpkin. I’ll wear an orange dress with an orange hat, and then try and put on some scary pumpkin face paint.”

Julia Dalrymple, Second Year, English Lit and Journalism

 “Mia from Pulp Fiction. I’ll wear a black wig, white shirt and black trousers. I’ll also put on lots of black eyeliner and red lipstick.”