Katie Weston
News Editor at The Tab Cardiff

We asked students from other unis what they actually think of UCL

Most were still bitter from getting rejected

UCL ranked seventh best university in the whole of the UK in the Good University Guide 2018

Move aside, King’s

Agency fees could potentially be getting banned

The Welsh Government are determining if the fees are justifiable

UAL students protest against job cuts and course restructuring

Neither CCW students or the Students’ Union were consulted about the plans

There’s a campaign to have a train station installed at Talybont

Dreams really do come true

Black Eyed Peas are set to perform at the Champions League final

They will play in the opening ceremony

All the things Cardiff University has taught me over three years

Aside from how to procrastinate, of course

The Students’ Union are giving out free ice-cream tomorrow

As an incentive to vote

Annie Mac announced as headliner for freshers festival Inside Out

She will play this September

We lost our kitchen ceiling in a fire and still have to live here

Our landlord is buying us food every day though

Jeremy Corbyn was in Cardiff today

It’s the first day of election campaigning

Exclusive: Cardiff Physics and History rugby team planned sleep with ‘a fatty’ competition for their social

It was aimed at those who could handle the ‘higher poundage girls’

Meet Hollie Cooke, Cardiff University’s next SU President

Her favourite takeaway is Family Fish Bar

Stop everything, there’s finally going to be a Welsh flag emoji

Praise the Lord

Busted are set to perform at the SU

It’s happening this July

Keep your bin bags indoors, over 1500 more seagulls are coming to Cardiff

As if we didn’t have enough already

Glam is closed tonight due to overrunning maintenance issues

The Fest has been moved

Hallejuah, Revs’ VIP room will re-open tomorrow

It was sorely missed

There has been a petition created to lower the cost of VKs in the SU to £1

It was created by two first years

Turns out, a USW graduate won an Oscar last night too

He was also awarded a BAFTA