Welsh to be a compulsory module for all Welsh students

What a joke

All current and future first years will be forced to take compulsory Welsh language modules.

The Welsh Assembly is set to pass legislation, in effect of September 2015, requiring that all students in higher education must be taught the Welsh language as an extension of a current ruling.

Welsh students can expect to receive a letter outlining the changes to their next year of study in accordance with the new rules.

A spokesperson at Cardiff University’s School of Welsh said: “We believe it is of great importance that all students continue to learn the Welsh language in higher education.

“By studying Welsh at university, our heritage will progress through generations to come, with the language being first and foremost protected from passing into irrelevance.

“To lose the Welsh language would be utterly devastating, so it’s up to the young people of Wales today to keep the traditions and values of Wales alive.”

Surveys have shown that a mere 20 per cent of the Welsh population actually speak the national language.

It is currently compulsory for pupils from the ages of 5-16 years in primary school to learn the language, however it is optional when pupils enter A-Levels.

The Assembly is imposing new rules for the study of the language to continue and for compulsory modules to be in all Welsh universities, with Cardiff University beginning the modules this September.


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