Cambridge colleges as Taylor Swift Eras tour outfits

Got a long list of Cambridge colleges, they’ll tell you they’re waiting for UK tour dates!

If you’re reading this, you can probably relate to the endless scrolling through footage of the Eras tour, desperately wondering ‘When will Taylor release UK dates?!’ Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question, but what I can tell you is which of Taylor’s iconic tour outfits is most suited to your college. Read on, and when UK dates do drop, you won’t be short of outfit vibes to channel.

Pembroke – the white Folklore gown

Romantic, magical, pale in colour – just a few descriptions that Pembroke and this beautiful gown share.

Trinity – the Anti-hero t-shirt dress

Because anyone with a friend at Trinity knows what it’s like to root for the anti-hero.

Queen’s – the green Evermore gown

Matching Queen’s green crest and beautiful gardens, this gown is perfect. Furthermore, the general rustic feel of the Evermore era coincide with that of the Mathematical bridge.

Homerton – the Fearless (night two) outfit

You have to be fearless to brave the walk from Homerton to Sidgwick site.

Robinson – the Red t-shirt fit

Cool and unpretentious, Robinson is definitely this outfit. Plus, the college itself is built of bricks that are red!

Newnham – the magenta Evermore gown

Dreamy, romantic and girly – this would be the gown to wear walking around the idyllic Newnham college.

Fitzwilliam – the Fearless flapper girl dress

Fun and carefree, this dress is for the Fitz students who just want to have fun. Also, as a Fitz girl myself, I might be slightly biased because this is my favourite Eras fit!

Gonville and Caius – the Enchanted (night one) ballgown

Walking into Caius, I’m enchanted. It feels like I’ve entered a fairytale universe where everyone should wear ballgowns like Taylor’s below.

Murray Edwards – the Lover bodysuit

Super girly and dazzling – this bodysuit is perfect for the women’s only college with an amazing art collection.

St John’s – the Reputation bodysuit

Just because St John’s hosted the Reputation tour screening for CUTSAS in Michaelmas term, I’m going to place it in its Reputation era.

Magdalene – the marigold Evermore dress

Just picture it, walking around Magdalene in this dress.

Churchill – the Man blazer fit

Serious and academic, Churchill suits this outfit well. Luckily, like the people at Churchill, it is still full of fun!

“I’m so sick of running as fast as I can [to lectures], wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was [at a central college]”

King’s – the Enchanted (night two) ballgown

All you need to do is take one look at Kings’ impressive architecture to realise how worthy it is of such a gorgeous ballgown.

Clare – the pink 1989 two-piece

I’ve heard that Clare students have a lot of fun, much like this outfit. It would be a great fit to wear to a lively night at cellars.

Christ’s – the original Midnights bodysuit

Just as Christ’s has to top the Tompkins table, Midnights has to top the charts and be the star of the show.

Downing – the lilac Folklore gown

There’s something very folklorian about Downing college, and this would be the perfect dress to wear while enjoying its peaceful greenery.

Girton – the All Too Well coat

This outfit is red and mesmerising, much like Girton college. However, the 10-minute version of All Too Well might feel long, but it’s nothing compared to the walk Girton students have to brave every day.

Emmanuel – the royal blue Midnights bodysuit

This outfit feels like an embodiment of the fierce blue dragon of the Emmanuel crest.

Sidney Sussex – the green 1989 two piece

This outfit is so much fun, just like Sidney students and their lively bar.

Sorry if I’ve missed out your college, it just means you can pick an outfit for yourself.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for all of us that UK tour dates will be released soon!

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