Can it B-ME?

Why we need a full-time BME Sabbatical Officer

Why The Tab isn’t trash journalism

The musings of a departing Tab Editor

Mental health and glamour: new forms of romanticisation in Cambridge

tw: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, medication

Mental health and the Pill

A 2017 survey showed that 45 per cent of people on the Pill experienced depression whilst taking it

We need to talk about periods

Why the university must break the silence on painful periods and introduce time off for suffering female students

How getting an STI changed the way I view Sexual Health

One Student’s cautionary tale on why you should always slap some latex on your gonads

Why I have given up on porn

The journey of an industry that is making an entire generation shit at sex and hate their bodies

The impossible nature of originality

Does university education stifle individual thought?

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