Embroidery, the trend you need(le) to know about

It’s one of the hottest things to be wearing right now

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Think that embroidery is old-fashioned? Think again. 

If you like to feel a bit fancy sometimes, it can be a fabulous way to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your outfit, but it needn’t break the bank as you can find it in all your favourite high street shops.

There is no shortage of ways to wear it….

Bomber jackets

This is where the whole thing started and hence a simple way to ease yourself in. Plus it works for both guys and gals. Reversible versions can be found in Topshop and alternative styles just about anywhere. In my opinion, the more decorative the better – I’m a maximalist at heart.

This jacket is from Mason Scotch but bombers are everywhere, which is why my collection of them has grown to unhealthy levels.


A super simple way to incorporate the trend into you wardrobe. There are so, so many different embroidered shirts in Zara: oversized, stripey, black, white… whatever floats your boat.

Plus an embroidered shirt is a perfect way to avoid a boring all-black evening look (or an all-black day one if you’re wardrobe consists of 90% black items like mine….#struggles).

If you’re as enthusiastic as I am, why not match your embroidery to your shoes for emphasis? Not that I’m overthinking this or anything…

Or if you’re determined to stick to those comforting black pieces for evening-wear then embroidery is the perfect way to add some colour.


If a bomber jacket is not your style, there are other ways to work embroidery into your outerwear. There are lots of ‘throw-over’ items on the market with some gorgeous embroidery. Plus they make perfect pieces to help the transition into Spring/Summer as everyone knows the perils of the changeable British weather so having something pretty to layer-up with is always helpful.

This jacket was a little bit of a splurge purchase from Zara, but when the embroidery is this lavish I feel the cost is *almost* justified.

An Oriental theme is also very ‘in’ at the moment, so an embroidered kimono, like the one below from Abercrombie & Fitch, is a perfect way to incorporate two trends through one item.


Bored of your daily denims, but don’t want to compromise in the comfort stakes? This is the perfect way to spice it up. Topshop has the best array and whether you a fan of Jamie jeans or prefer the Mom style there will be something for you.

It looks like you made an effort, but really you’re just wearing jeans.

Sheer tops

Sheer tops have been an emerging must-have in recent months, particularly for club-wear. Embroidery is a great addition to one of these as it makes it more day-wear appropriate. It also adds a bit of distraction and coverage if you are nervous of rocking full-on sheer.

You can find a variety of styles, like the one below, from Zara at amazing prices.

The extreme hilarity demonstrated on the left was actually a manifestation of extreme embarrassment as I ventured out into public to try and get some different scenery


Embroidery is to be found on both heels and trainers, so whatever your preferred style there is no excuse not to make a new investment.

If you recognise these shoes from my last article you have my thanks for joining me again! I couldn’t not include a snap of these beauties when they fit the trend so perfectly.


If you’re feeling a little scared of investing in a clothing item, or the trend is too much of a statement for you, this is a great place to start. Get your hands on an embroidered bag, scarf or hair accessory.

There’s no reason not to use this trend to make your hair look funky too. This headband is from Anthropology.

You may be tired of my face by this point but I hope that these pictures have given you some inspiration as to how to get on board with this trend.