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Strippers, coffins, and black arm bands: how Cambridge reacted to the admission of female students

Cambridge University’s shocking history with the admission of women

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White Women’s Tears: Cambridge has a problem with selective forgiveness

Why have we welcomed Mary Beard and Barbara Stocking back with open arms?

Take the Tab’s Sexual Health Survey 2017

Let’s talk about sex(ual health), baby

Jonathan Pie’s speech was rape-apologist drivel

CN: rape, sexual assault

Embroidery, the trend you need(le) to know about

It’s one of the hottest things to be wearing right now

Is diversity in fashion possible?

It’s not just a trend

I’m afraid of homeless men – but that doesn’t make me a bad person

Being followed home and harassed make sympathy complicated.

REVIEW: E x i l e

Exile has set itself a high challenge and rises to it in a way that you would be hard-pressed to see done so well again.

ANALYSIS: Colleges with more women get more firsts

Paper based on Tompkins Table data proposes “reducing the proportion of male students”.

Why we need to RECLAIM THE NIGHT

‘Human decency is not foreplay!’

REVIEW: The Madwomen in the Attic

The Madwomen in the Attic is both provocative and subversive, hilarious and disturbing, says Molly Moss.


We interviewed Audrey Sebatindira and Connie Muttock, the candidates for CUSU Women’s Officer.

ELECTORAL FRAUD: 1 in 6 votes for CUSU Women’s Officer cast by self-identifying men

Statistical analysis reveals enough self-identifying men voted to change the results of the election

Talking to the Cambridge girls who are about to perform The History Boys

Jamie P. Robson chats to the brains behind the upcoming production of The History Boys about cross-casting, foreskins, and breaking the glass fourth wall

Is the modern woman really free to explore her sexuality?

It’s more than okay to be a girl and have casual sex with different people

LIVE BLOG: The Varsity Matches 2015

History’s being made today: The Tab is in the Cambridge stand to bring you all the action from on and off the pitch

‘Crossing your legs better your Oxbridge chances’

Because being yourself just isn’t enough

The Cambridge Experience © – Now only £9000!

omg I want one!

Germaine Greer is a massive hater

She is a bizarre human being

The Lady Smoker: An impressive and exciting night

A brilliant showcase of varied, unusual humour