SEXIT: Selwyn votes to remain in CUSU

Brexit means Brexit, But Sexit doesn’t mean Sexit.

Brexit Cambridge Cambridge University referendum remain results Selwyn Sexit Ship Student

Wounded and dying on the deck of his flagship in 1813, the American naval officer James Lawrence’s last words were a bark of “don’t give up the ship!”

Well, Selwyn have taken Lawrence’s advice to heart, only instead of a ship it’s CUSU, they’re nowhere near the sea, and no one’s dying. But apart from that, the comparison stands.

The comparison stands. Honest.

In line with a constitutional obligation to review policy every three years, Selwyn held a referendum on disaffiliating from CUSU on Tuesday, with the results being announced this morning.

Students voted on the question “Should Selwyn JCR remain affiliated with Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU)?”, and the results were… well, they were fairly unequivocal.

Selwyn, now remaining in CUSU.

Out of a total electorate of 452 Selwynites, 172 cast ballots, with 144 of those voting to remain affiliated. Of the remaining 28, 27 voted to disaffiliate, and one submitted a blank vote (why they chose to go to the trouble of voting without making a decision, instead of just not voting, is anyone’s guess).

So yet another crack in the CUSU edifice has been plastered over, and Selwynites will remain affiliated to the largest free condom provider in East Anglia. Although recent reports suggest that while they may be free, those condoms may also be a little bit defective.

In line with their constitutional obligation, Selwyn will hold another referendum on affiliation at the end of Michaelmas 2019. Also in line with their constitutional obligation, the USA will inaugurate the Honey Monster’s boorish cousin on the 20th of January 2017. Neither date seems to be particularly eagerly awaited.

Since this now seems to be the standard referendum photo…

After a brief break, the fun and games have returned.