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University of Cambridge to become a French territory? Ambassador announces special post-Brexit relationship

Warning: Heavy satire imminent

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Can Brexit stand between the lovers?

All the things overseas students find weird about Cambridge freshers

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Why you should vote Conservative

On behalf of the Cambridge University Conservative Association

Jeremy Corbyn to take part in General Election Debate

Theresa May still plans to be absent

Government funding GUARANTEED for EU students

Student loans guarantee will not change immediately after Brexit

The Battle for Cambridge BEGINS as PM calls General Election

It’s Labour VS Lib Dem in the fight for the Cantab’s vote

Student loan interest rates set to rise by 33 per cent

Increased inflation sends grads spiralling further into debt

University to run Brexit therapy sessions for students

Turns out triggering Article 50 is triggering

Vice-Chancellor reassures EU nationals in the face of Article 50

He aimed to calm fears over fee rises and residency rights

Wetherspoons founder talks booze and Brexit

‘What we have to do is assert our independence’

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2016, Brexit, Trump: hot topics and catchy themes?

REVEALED: Cambridge centre officially the most pro-remain area in the UK

Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit to Cambridge

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Fa la la la la

Chancellor promises Cambridge £137 million in funding

The funding is to replace research grants promised by the EU

SEXIT: Selwyn votes to remain in CUSU

Brexit means Brexit, But Sexit doesn’t mean Sexit.

Tim Farron speaks at Cambridge Union, talks Brexit and claims ‘Farage is into cheap lager’

The Lib-Dem leader spoke to students about Brexit and a ‘fact averse nationalist elite’

Future EU students to keep funding after Brexit

What did the EU ever do for us?

Tab Guide to Brexit and the Labour Crisis

In the aftermath of the vote that shook Facebook feeds to their core, we look at what Brexit has actually brought us.

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