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University of Cambridge to become a French territory? Ambassador announces special post-Brexit relationship

Warning: Heavy satire imminent

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REVIEW: A Very Brexit Musical

Can Brexit stand between the lovers?

All the things overseas students find weird about Cambridge freshers

A Scandi analyses British freshers’ week

The Battle for Cambridge BEGINS as PM calls General Election

It’s Labour VS Lib Dem in the fight for the Cantab’s vote

Wetherspoons founder talks booze and Brexit

‘What we have to do is assert our independence’

REVIEW: Dirty Hands: A Brexistential Crisis

2016, Brexit, Trump: hot topics and catchy themes?

A very Cambridge Christmas message from The Tab

Fa la la la la

Chancellor promises Cambridge £137 million in funding

The funding is to replace research grants promised by the EU

SEXIT: Selwyn votes to remain in CUSU

Brexit means Brexit, But Sexit doesn’t mean Sexit.

Tim Farron speaks at Cambridge Union, talks Brexit and claims ‘Farage is into cheap lager’

The Lib-Dem leader spoke to students about Brexit and a ‘fact averse nationalist elite’

Future EU students to keep funding after Brexit

What did the EU ever do for us?

Tab Guide to Brexit and the Labour Crisis

In the aftermath of the vote that shook Facebook feeds to their core, we look at what Brexit has actually brought us.

An American’s take on the Brexit aftermath

Or, ‘The Trump Trap’

Fellow walked NAKED into Faculty meeting in Brexit protest

Dr Victoria Bateman took time out of drawing graphs to put on a graphic display for her fellow economics faculty members.

Robinson fellow accidentally sends email calling for VC to resign

It went to the college mailing list. Oops…

As Students We Will Suffer The Most and We Must Fight

We need to help shape the way Britain leaves

Britain: busted by the Baby Boomers but there’s still hope

Our generation’s unity is Brexit’s silver lining.

BREXIT: I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

Independence Day? More like Apocalypse Now.

Current EU undergrads will continue to pay the UK fee rate

The Vice-Chancellor said “We will continue to work as normal.”

Calling Brexiters racist is the cause of our problems

And those who are celebrating “independence day” are barmy.