Future EU students to keep funding after Brexit

What did the EU ever do for us?

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There’re a few certainties for Cambridge students, including work (and lots of it), trying not to be flattened by a bike, and the ever present need to keep an eye on our bank balances. Fortunately, the government’s not going to make it even harder for some of us to do that.

We live in uncertain times, when Brexit is bubbling away like some unidentifiable stew, Labour’s tied itself to a millstone and flung itself into the dark waters of electoral armageddon, and gangs of feral clowns roam the streets.

Now we can focus on the real issues… like dealing with this quagmire

In a move which makes it clear that she didn’t do a humanities degree, Theresa May has insisted that “Brexit means Brexit,” stating the blindingly obvious (and at the same time completely incomprehensible) to all and sundry.

Well, fortunately, as of today Brexit actually means something a bit more certain. If you’re an EU student applying this year, you’ll still be able to access student finance, even if we happen to leave the EU while you’re studying.

Money. The Bible called it the root of all evil, and journalists call it an easy way to get some copy.

Speaking about the guarantee, Jo Johnson (Universities Minister), stated that: “This latest assurance that students applying to study next year will not only be eligible to apply for student funding under current terms, but will have their eligibility maintained throughout the duration of their course, will provide important stability for both universities and students.”

Jo Johnson, not pictured giving the quote you just read.

So, nothing has changed, and nothing will change, in terms of funding at least. In other matters, everything has changed, and everything will change.

But still, at least we know that  Brexit means Brexit, and at the moment, that you’ll still be eligible for funding if you’re an EU student (so long as you apply this year).

So the three certainties remain- work, bikes, and budgets.