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Pembroke students have beef with catering over constant ‘cultural misrepresentation’

The staff were “upset” they had offended students

Chandelier smashed by crazy Cantabs at Pink Week Ball

The venue kicked students out early as it was “trashed”

Three reports of “indecent exposure” near Sidgwick this month

Arts students, beware the flasher

Ex-Cambridge student Rurik Jutting locked up for life over double murder

He was found guilty of torturing and decapitating two women in Hong Kong

Killer Clown barges into Cambridge formal dinner

Students were threatened with a (plastic) machete

Union announces Israeli and Palestinian Ambassadors to speak this term

Last time, there were protests

DRUG SURVEY: Cantabs who take drugs are more likely to get a first

Yes, really.

DRUG SURVEY: Cocaine found in John’s bar, Law faculty and History faculty

We had to test the answers

CUSU COUNCIL: Homerton bus, the NUS and elections (again)

CUSU restores our faith in democracy (if democracy only takes 34 minutes)

BREAKING: Police chase down “attempted murderer” near Sidney college

Read our eyewitness report


We’re actually talking about that other union.

Cambridge Tab Takeover

Now you can tell us how much you hate us. 

REVEALED: Cambridge at fault for Hiddleswift breakup

You’re welcome.

Cambridge CONFIRMED as the UK’s best university

*according to one newly released set of rankings.

Cambridge students ATTACKED BY GANG while swimming in Grantchester Meadows

Police investigations are underway

EXCLUSIVE: Trinity supervisor says stopping class lists would be ‘a victory for mediocrity’

“And Cambridge, above all, is supposed to be non-mediocre”

BREAKING: Fellows to VOTE on whether class lists should go

It’s like Cambridge can’t get enough of referenda.

CHILCOT: Cambridge notables at the centre of Iraq fiasco

Oxbridge educated elites screw everything up *again*

Italy sanctions Egypt over stalled Regeni investigation

The Cambridge postgrad was abducted and tortured in Egypt early this year.

Fellow walked NAKED into Faculty meeting in Brexit protest

Dr Victoria Bateman took time out of drawing graphs to put on a graphic display for her fellow economics faculty members.

MAY BALL REVIEW: Trinity v John’s

Spoiler alert: Trinity was better*

Current EU undergrads will continue to pay the UK fee rate

The Vice-Chancellor said “We will continue to work as normal.”

Zero Carbon “vows to fight on” as Cambridge says NO to divestment

The University has rejected fully divesting from fossil fuels after Newcastle, Southhampton and Queen Mary London all committed to divestment.

BREAKING: Trinity Mathmo arrives at May Ball in a carriage

No pumpkins here for Cinderella and her Prince.

PORN SURVEY: Top comments

“Don’t accidentally and drunkenly share it on Facebook. Very bad idea.”

PORN SURVEY RESULTS: including Cambridge’s most porn-obsessed faculty

We asked. Over a thousand of you answered.

BREAKING: Cambridge votes NO to disaffiliation

The referendum failed to pass with the results saying 51.52% of Cantabs voted to stay with the NUS.

BREAKING: No action taken against NUS or CUCA for breaking referendum rules

Several JCRs are also suspected of rule-breaking

NUS Disaffiliation: Richard Brooks

We spoke to NUS Vice President Richard Brooks about the consequences of leaving, what the NUS actually does for students and how their democracy works.

TWO THIRDS of Cantabs have had unprotected sex

The first results from The Tab’s Porn Survey are here.

EXCLUSIVE: VP Richard Brooks confirms NUS defintion of anti-Semitism

Brooks said the NUS take claims of anti-Semitism “incredibly seriously” but didn’t comment directly on the reaction to Malia Bouattia.

Oxford votes YES to a disaffiliation referendum

OUSU decides to put NUS disaffiliation to a vote while the CUSU referendum decision will be made next week.

Jesus horse MOUNTED for Shakespeare performance

English finalist Will Dalrymple marked Shakespeare’s Deathday by reciting a speech atop the famous sculpture. 

Germaine Greer runs for Vice-Chancellor to “restore thinking to education”

Controversial feminist Germaine Greer wants to hold the most powerful post in the University and become Cambridge’s 346th Vice-Chancellor.

PREVIEW: Everything you need to know about the Varsity Football Match

Where to go, how to get there, when it is and what Cambridge’s chances of winning are (very good, obviously).

Could DAVID POCOCK be headed for Cambridge?

Grange Road may see another Rugby International before long

COST OF LIVING: Most expensive college revealed

We found a stunning £74 difference in the weekly cost of living between the most and least expensive.

Feel the Verne: Pembroke ditch “culturally appropriative” bop theme Around the World in 80 Days

Students divided into two camps over whether the JCR is restricting their freedom of expression or preventing offence towards ethnic minorities

REVEALED: Cambridge’s most well-endowed college

Trinity tops the list of colleges with the highest endowments.

The great library cash cow: Over £100,000 in a year racked up by Cambridge’s biggest libraries

Students are terrified of the draconian penalties for late and lost books.

ELECTORAL FRAUD: 1 in 6 votes for CUSU Women’s Officer cast by self-identifying men

Statistical analysis reveals enough self-identifying men voted to change the results of the election

CORNELIUS ROEMER: “I’m not CUSU’s establishment candidate”

We spoke to Cornelius Roemer, best known for being Trinity’s former JCR President, about his bid for CUSU President.

ROBERT CORBYN SMITH: “I’ve got some pretty radical ideas.”

We spoke to Robert Corbyn Smith, of CUSU Disabled Students’ Campaign fame, about his bid for CUSU President.

AMATEY DOKU: “I want to associate myself with the cool kids.”

We spoke to JCSU bigwig Amatey Doku, who is running for CUSU President.

CSI CAMBRIDGE: How rowdy is your college?

Robinson reports a shocking 53 incidents to the police while John’s comes second with 30.

The Tab’s Ultimate Guide to Cambridge Pubs

We have a full map of Cambridge’s many, many pubs

Why I’m that girl who’s always working in my college bar

It’s a life choice you should be making too

Pro-Palestine Societies boycott Middle East Peace Week

They claim the talks were organised to “direct attention away from the growing success of Israeli Apartheid Week”.

Is Cambridge getting a second rugby international?

Jamie Roberts tweeted a suggestion that Australian star David Pocock play for Cambridge.

University Court convicts five students for cheating

Details of the five convictions for cheating that occurred in the last three years revealed

Review: Arcsoc’s “Paradise Garage” Night of Disco

Arcsoc’s Night of Disco was just another average Cambridge night out despite the hype.

Punts sunk by axe-wielding madman

Punt-hater still on the loose as CCTV cameras were “facing the wrong way.”

CUSU bans Corpus and Caius from mental health training sessions in ‘vendetta’

Disaffiliated colleges have been forbidden from accessing CUSU’s welfare training and online voting system

Abolishing the Tompkins Table is just celebrating mediocrity

CUSU’s idiotic proposal represents a dangerous tendency to move away from celebrating excellence – and towards equalising the results of students.

Yale students should deal with debate, not yell it down

The scariest thing about Halloween at Yale was apparently freedom of speech.