Robinson fellow accidentally sends email calling for VC to resign

It went to the college mailing list. Oops…

Brexit Cambridge University EU referendum european union leave Robinson College vice-chancellor

Cleary the Financial Tutor at Robinson college does not excel at email skills. 

He accidentally sent an email saying the Vice Chancellor of the University should resign to the entire undergraduate and graduate college mailing list.

The calls for his resignation appear to be founded on the Vice Chancellor’s reaction to the result of the EU referendum. Last week the Vice Chancellor sent out an email to the student body reassuring them in light of the result that the university will continue to “work as normal” and that EU students “will continue to be charged the UK fee rate applicable at the time, provided this continues to be permitted by UK law”.

Maybe it’s all that red brick…

The email calling for resignation, which was addressed to the Robinson warden, included a copy of Vice Chancellor Borysiewicz’s statement, whilst also saying “this is the third time the VC has written about the implications of the referendum and I think it is now clear that he is no longer the man for the job”.

The email was also critical of the negative stance the Vice Chancellor has taken regarding the toll of the referendum on Cambridge, stating “Brexit creates opportunities as much as it creates problems and in that environment, with its cost base significantly cheaper if sterling’s current slump is maintained, Cambridge is well-placed to pick up both additional research work and additional students.”

The Vice Chancellor has expressed his disappointment with the results

The email again emphasised the fact that Cambridge could take advantage of the results of the referendum, arguing that “the current period of major uncertainty is a great time in which to steal a march on our weaker rivals and be out front when the dust finally does settle.”

Half an hour after the email was sent on Tuesday night, the Robinson mailing lists received another email apologising.

It said he did not “intend to involve the student members of the College in this expression of his views which, I am confident, do not represent the views of the College Fellowship as a whole.”