DJ Dustin hitz Fitz Tomorrow!

It used to be cringe and shit, and now it’s ketty and emotional

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Here at The Tab we get a lot of messages from people requesting articles. Can you please come and cover my Oboe recital? Would you be interested in a flute player other than Azeem? Will you please pay your library fines? The answer to all of the above is no.

It was a breath of a fresh air to receive the following last week:

“Hey man how’s it going? You’re still doing Music at the tab right? Fitz Up Look Sharp is Fitz’ Ents event and it is historically cringe and shit.” – Fitz Ents, curators of this event. 

Cringe and shit? Sign us up mucker, that sounds right up our street. We’ll be there straight after the Oboe recital and my trip to the library.

Where’s your oboe section mate?

the new Ents officer, Viktor Keweneg, has managed to bag a Berghain DJ to come along to Fitz for the night. Viktor himself is a techno DJ who has Djd at big Berlin clubs like A bout Blanc. He’s also done some stuff for Turf/ArcSoc – Fitz Ents, the same guys from the quote earlier.

Well, now you’ve started to tickle our tastebuds Fitz. Only now is this cool enough for the snazzy aztec-print wearing hipster elite of Cambridge. We thought we’d go and check out Viktor. This is what we found:

He’s been to Berghain loads of times

What a guy. We’re in – what’s the story?

“DJ (Dustin) is a very well known guy in the electronic scene. His label (Giegling) was voted best label by Resident Advisor in 2014 and they provide a somewhat stripped-down, ketty but emotional techno sound.”  – Viktor, who seems to have a way with cows.

We’ve gone from cringe and shit, to ketty and emotional, all in one night. It sounds like a trip to XOYO.

We do know DJ Dustin over at Tab Towers. Giegling is a pretty awesome label and to have another Berghain-pedigree DJ in Cambridge again is brilliant (last time it was for Turf). We’ve never been to Fitz Up Look Sharp, but it sounds like Viktor might have turned this night around.

Tomorrow night will be the first time you ever turn to your mates and say “are you ready for the taxi to Fitz? This is going to be sick” – but hopefully it won’t be the last.