Alfie Lambert

Alfie Lambert
Cambridge University


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The ultimate Valentine’s Day songs for Cambridge students

We run down our top ten (sort of) love related anthems

DJ Dustin hitz Fitz Tomorrow!

It used to be cringe and shit, and now it’s ketty and emotional

TOMORROW: A Major Lazer locks on to Cambridge

Cadenza, newest member of Major Lazer, touches down at Fez tomorrow.

Gold Teeth are set to Hypnotise Cambridge

Nationwide student-night juggernauts Gold Teeth are coming to town TOMORROW.

TAB EXCLUSIVE: Selwyn Snowball headliner revealed

Of course we got the exclusive, this is The Tab.

TONIGHT’S TURF: Part two of our ‘how to be cool’ guide

Zed Bias is in town for the round two of Turf.

TONIGHT: The first Turf of term!

You deserve a night out after your lectures today.

INTERVIEW: Jus Now talk to The Tab

Ahead of their gig in town on Thursday we get an exclusive chat with the Jus Now boys.

REVIEW: Flash FM – no Flash in the pan

Last night’s Flash FM at Fez was a storming success.

TAB EXCLUSIVE: Turf releases 2015 May Ball movie

It’s making us very excited for clubbing in Michaelmas

Flash dance: The 80s come to Cambridge

Reach for the leg-warmers, safe as fuck.

Superstar DJs hit Cambridge Turf

Turf’s up, dudes

Cambridge is being taken over by gangsters

A grime wave is about to hit Cambridge University.

You are an arrogant brat, but it’s not our fault

Joe Goodman’s wrong to blame Cambridge for making him that way

The King’s Affair: A Glitch in the May-trix

Do you want the blue pill or the red pill? Both.

Review: The Tab does Strawberries & Creem!

I say Strawberries – you say Creem!

Grime for Dummies

Nah, that’s not me


Not so much a May Ball, more a May Festival.

Overdrive: Pembroke announce chart-topper as THIRD healiner

They really are going into overdrive

Cambridge-related song parodies we didn’t have the budget to make

Upgown Funk gun’ give it to ya

EXCLUSIVE: UK chart topper to headline Jesus May Ball

Oh Jesus! 

EXCLUSIVE – Kings Affair AND Peterhouse May Ball headliner revealed

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

TAB EXCLUSIVE – First Pembroke headliner revealed


Grandmaster Flash to headline Strawberries & Creem

EXCLUSIVE: Mungo’s Hi Fi to headline Strawberries & Creem

The summer is looking promising

Artful Dodger to headline Wolfson

Wolfson College is where the crowd say Bo Selecta