CUSU Confess: Nobody’s heard of TCS

CUSU outlines reasons for low turnout in recent elections

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CUSU has confessed to a “deflated atmosphere in the office” and “lowered expectations” during the elections last month.

In a slick presentation reviewing why only 14.1% of Cambridge students voted for the new Sabbatical officers, the Student Union owned up to being useless.

Under ‘Feedback from face-face-meetings’ they say:

Stay tuned for that article…

Going into blunt detail about why this year’s elections were a washout, they write under a section titled ‘What Happened’:

  • Negative press (but atleast [sic] we got press?)
  • Deflated atmosphere in the office, and also during campaign week
  • Low turnouts at hustings
  • Low number of viewings of video manifestos
  • No one [sic] asking questions online to the candidates

A sorry state of affairs

What a shame. Other problems include:

  • No clear idea of what happens at uni level
  • Quality of the hustings coverage was appalling 
  • Weekly emails too long.

CUSU’s 2014 elections are best remembered for having just one contested position and a human presidential candidate that only beat a Re-Open Nominations (RON) campaign by 500 votes.

YOLO: it’s time to vote.

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