The Cambridge Union launches Union+ scheme

They’re looking to make it more accessible

SMEAR campaign overshadows Cambridge Union election

In other news, water is wet.

Ex-MI6 Spy responsible for Trump dossier was President of The Cambridge Union

He also went to Girton

NUS Vice President shuns “toxic level of debate” in response to allegations

Richard Brooks has issued a statement via social media against allegations made yesterday

CHARITY THEFT: £700 stolen from RAG office

Three “charity boxes” were stolen.

Running for President of the Cambridge Union is a double-edged sword

“Its better to have run and lost than never run at all” – Tennyson, if he was a not-so-good Olympic sprinter.

The News Bulletin, Week 7: CUSU concludes, hackery continues and Lacrosse at a loss

Jack Benda and Ellie Olcott round up the weekly news.

ROBERT CORBYN SMITH: “I’ve got some pretty radical ideas.”

We spoke to Robert Corbyn Smith, of CUSU Disabled Students’ Campaign fame, about his bid for CUSU President.

AMATEY DOKU: “I want to associate myself with the cool kids.”

We spoke to JCSU bigwig Amatey Doku, who is running for CUSU President.

Trinity fire brigade to extinguish river spectators of May Ball fireworks show

May Ball committee plans to erect fountains to drench and protect spectators

Calvin Klein, Iranian royalty and Luke Skywalker: Lent lineup revealed

The actor, not the fictional character

The Problem with CUSU

He’s back by semi-popular demand….

CUSU Presidential address – on reading week

CUSU President speaks out on #EndWeek5Blues

Joker BJ Daley wins Christ’s election

Cambridge is seeing a seismic shift in the way student politics works as disillusioned students thrust Ben Daley and his disarming manifesto into Christ’s JCR presidency.

Clare May Ball release huge headliner

Clare May Ball commitee have just released news that will cause havoc on the May Ball Marketplace.

The Sunday Serial: Episode 2 – The Good Samaritan

Last week was blackmail and cancelled garden parties, this week is megalomania and mice.

CUSU Confess: Nobody’s heard of TCS

CUSU outlines reasons for low turnout in recent elections

CUSU Elections Liveblog

HARRY SHUKMAN blogs CUSU election night live!

CUWBC Announce New President

Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club announce Esther Momcilovic as their president for the 2013-14 season.

Rod Runs For NUS President

Inanimate Carbon Rod #1 – your next NUS President?