Clare May Ball release huge headliner

Clare May Ball commitee have just released news that will cause havoc on the May Ball Marketplace.

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Headlining at their May Ball on Monday 16th June will be none other than Drum and Bass heavyweights Pendulum in a DJ set featuring MC Verse.

This Australian/British group was founded in 2002, and has been active ever since. The three Aussies that make up the band are commonly credited with popularizing the previously marginalised genre of Drum and Bass.

These guys are already big wigs on the international festival circuit, and have performed at such prestigious events as Glastonbury, Download, Isle of Wight and T in the Park.

This update may come as a surprise to those with their ear to floor, since it was released only this Monday on our May Ball Blog that Ella Eyre would be headlining at the Ball. However, for £138 ticket holders will now be treated to all of the following: Pendulum feat MC Verse, Ella Eyre, S Club 3, Swiss Lips, the HMCMB Introducing Stage as covered previously by The Tab, professional DJ sets, several big names from around Cambridge and some excellent comedy acts.

Check out their SoundCloud playlist for the May Ball.

Clare’s is always a highly anticipated May Ball.

Ben Miller, Ents Officer of Clare May Ball, told the Tab:

“We are delighted to have secured what we believe is one of the top acts to have appeared at a May Ball in recent years. We really think they will complement everything else we have going on, perfectly. When I started doing Ents, I wanted to ensure that there would be some music for everyone. This is why all our four headliners are different, we have S Club 3 for the Cindies crowd, Swiss Lips for indie fans, Ella Eyre for pop fans and Pendulum for drum and bass.

“I hope all the excitement doesn’t detract from what we have elsewhere though. I think the true strength of the music at our ball, and what sets it apart from other balls is the huge depth we have. Instead of the standard one stage of professional music, we have three, with our main stage, the HMCMB Introducing Stage, and professional DJs in Cellars all night. We also have what we believe to be some of the top university talent playing.”

Clare Ents, a very popular weekly night during term time in Clare Cellars, is a large sponsor of Clare May Ball. Such a collaboration is a first in the history of the Clare May Ball and both teams are very excited, hoping to make this the best Clare May Ball ever. We are informed that the committee of Clare Ents are still unawares as to the new headliner. Not any more.

They too in the past have had big-hitters, including Bombay Bicycle Club, Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder, Jakwob and Chase & Status.

Ben added:

“I would like to say a huge thanks to Clare Ents, without whose success we would never have managed to afford an act like this.”

‘Prides’ at Clare Ents. Good cum face.

There is something for every one at Clare this year and spare tickets disappear like hot cakes. Start planning your parachute jump or alternatively shag one of the committee. 

Yesterday St John’s College announced the first of their acts. Get up to date here.