Jack McConnel

Funk you up! Cheeky former MP caught on camera gyrating to teen cheese at political rave

Cambridge’s former MP, Julian Huppert, has been as caught strutting his stuff at the (in)famous Lib Dem Disco at the party’s conference.

Watch your former MP dancing like a loon at the Lib Dem conference

You can’t groove away the pain

Tory Cantabs get privileged entry to exclusive dining club

No shit

‘Aroused’ and ‘overexcited’: Saucy cycle cums to Cambridge

It’s ‘bare as you dare’

Meet the Irish students who trekked #hometovote for gay marriage

‘Being Irish has never felt so good’

World first: Cambridge University wants to invest responsibly

And students actually persuaded them

CUSU salary rockets as uni steps up funding commitment

Remind me why they deserve this?

Now Huppert’s being a naughty boy – say the Labour Club

This is serious

The NUS is butting in on the Cambridge election

But they’re actually being nice – and not to Labour, but the Lib Dems

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Chazza hits Cambridge

His coat is luscious

Palin snubs Oxbridge in mysterious cancellation

She’s too good for us

Balls at Cambridge: The sweetest of babes

Balls didn’t let policy get in the way of charming Cantabs

CUSU Presidential address – on reading week

CUSU President speaks out on #EndWeek5Blues

Pitt Club eyes up female members in historic move

I’m waiting for my invitation

Killer’s heart-wrenching cry for help stuns Carols From King’s second year

Isn’t he sweet

The Tab’s end of year quiz

RACHEL TOOKEY gives 2014 the obituary it deserves

Which Love Actually character is your college?

Christmas is TOMORROW and chances are the annual viewing of Curtis’s classic has already taken place…

How valued is your master? Pembroke spy chief gets all the dosh while others get pennies

An email leaked to The Tab reveals a colossal pay gap among college masters

Cambridge gangs up on fur supplier

Student politicians are getting a little hot under the collar…

Pembroke spy chief caught out in College super-scam

Something rather sinister is going on behind the walls of Pembroke College…

CDE Garden Party 2014

JACK MCCONNEL reviews CDE Garden Party 2014

Joker BJ Daley wins Christ’s election

Cambridge is seeing a seismic shift in the way student politics works as disillusioned students thrust Ben Daley and his disarming manifesto into Christ’s JCR presidency.

Chaos at Newnham as male intruder bursts into girl’s bedroom

A mysterious collection of Y chromosomes has wreaked havoc in Newnham after they stumbled in a girl’s bedroom.

Police appeal for witnesses after city centre hit and run

Police are appealing for witnesses after last week’s city centre hit and run

Christ’s JCR pres nominee battles hypnotist with hilarious manifesto

BJ Daley to take on hypotist in the presidential race

Saucy cycle cums to Cambridge

A bike race hoping to ignite the sexual passions of many a pedaler is set to take Cambridge by storm

BREAKING: Cantab arrested for brutal Hong Kong murders

Recent grad, rower and CLIO secretary Rurik Jutting is arrested following horrific double sex worker murder in Hong Kong

Selwyn Snowball headliner revealed

We (almost) exclusively release Selwyn Snowball’s scintillating headliners

Council ignores Tab petition and intends to REDUCE lighting

The County Council says it will ‘turn off some streetlights’ when asked about our lighting petition

Hawking takes to Facebook

Nation’s favourite scientist (and Cambridge professor) is wading into the technological age as Hawking gets Facebook

Cambridge sees record number of rapes reported

Worrying stats show rape records have shot up – by a quarter

Cambridge is the worst place to study medicine

A recent survey is shedding some rather embarrassing light on how good a medicine degree at Cambridge really is

‘I’m getting bored’: England manager stumbles through Union visit

Visiting the Union last night, the mighty Roy Hodgson got all confused about LGBT footballers

Disgraced vicar fellow admits ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’

A once high-standing academic and pastoral carer stunned a church meeting last night, admitting ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’

Tears, ‘lies’ and ‘homophobia’: Fresher fair row continues

At this week’s freshers fair, the women’s campaign went head-to-head with anti-choice group, Cambridge Students for Life

ROBERT DOWNEY JR to speak at Union

The highest paid actor in Hollywood and Iron Man star will speak at the Union next Friday.

No exams?! Lecturers to vote on strike action

If lecturers vote to strike over their pensions deal, exams could be cancelled this Easter

Cambridge grad invents app for cuddling strangers

Forget Tinder, now it’s all about Cuddlr.

Freshers will be given sexual consent workshops

Freshers week is changing, as wide-eyed newbies must now rock up to sexual consent workshops.