The Cambridge Union launches Union+ scheme

They’re looking to make it more accessible

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This term, the Union is launching a new scheme which aims to increase diversity and make events more accessible to non-members.

Open to anyone, there will be 80 Union+ events next term, including 12 panels and weekly ents. They will be clearly marked in the Union’s Michaelmas termcard and across social media with the u+ logo and a purple colour scheme, as opposed to the turquoise usually used for members only events.

The new Union+ logo

The new Union+ logo

This comes after the Union’s announcement on Friday that it will be opening all of its events to members and non-members alike until midnight on 11th October, so that everyone can get an idea of what they have on offer.

The founder of the Union+ scheme, Women’s Officer for Michaelmas Maria Epishkina, explains that “the point of Union+ is to use the Union’s platform for a diverse range of voices. We hope that this engages the student body regardless of whether they choose to join the Union as members – at the end of the day, we’re aiming to discuss issues important to all of us and have everyone interested in these conversations.”

Page Nyame-Satterthwaite, Union President for next term adds that, “at heart the Union is a free speech, debating and membership society. In the past 'open' events have been a part of every term, but sometimes at the last minute and without clear signposting.”

“Thanks to the work led by Maria and supported by the rest of the Michaelmas team, we hope that engagement with the Union can be for everyone, Union+ events are clear and that the distinction between the membership offer (which includes more benefits than ever) and events hosted at the Union in general is more clear.”

You can read more about the scheme in the Union’s termcard, out tomorrow.

Featured image credit: Chris Williamson