The Cambridge Union

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White Women’s Tears: Cambridge has a problem with selective forgiveness

Why have we welcomed Mary Beard and Barbara Stocking back with open arms?

Has ARCSOC become a parody of itself?

The ~eDgE- of glory

The Cambridge Union launches Union+ scheme

They’re looking to make it more accessible

TOP 10 REVEALED: The Biggest BNOCs of 2017

Cambridge’s biggest egos are going to get even bigger

YEATES DEBATES: Why can’t Cambridge students handle opinions?

‘Opinions’ looks like ‘onions’. Both can make you cry.

Union announces Israeli and Palestinian Ambassadors to speak this term

Last time, there were protests

UNION REFERENDUM: Should you join this Michaelmas?

A sponsored article by The Cambridge Union.

Ai Weiwei, the ‘most powerful artist in the world’, comes to Cambridge – and blasts Brexit

‘A nation should be generous’: The Chinese dissident spoke to The Tab as part of his extraordinary May Week visit

TABTV: We asked Cambridge Students what they thought about Julian Assange

The results were depressing

Director Baz Luhrmann to speak at the Cambridge Union

He’s coming on Friday 23rd October

Tab Meets: John Cooper Clarke

A genuinely lovely man

The Garden Party Guide 2014

Whether you’re into science, swedes, singing, sausages or snogging there’s a garden party out there for you. Stay tuned for all the latest updates.

Tsar Union line-up!

Ukrainian and Russian ambassadors go head to head at the Union.

Golden Girls

TOM RASMUSSEN is inspired by The Union’s Japanese festival in this week’s Eastern fashion shoot.

DSK: The Great Divider

Everyone has something to say about DSK’s visit to Cambridge. But why do we insist on being so offensive towards each other?

Top 5: Oscar Meltdowns

JAMIE (gasp) MATHIESON (gasp) would like to (sob) thank the Tab for the opportunity (sob) to write this article…

Debate: The Only Limit to Female Success is Female Ambition

Culture Editor JOE BATES sees feminism triumph in the form of Katie Price. Bet you never thought you’d read that!