Cameron Anderson

DRINKS SPIKED: 13% of Cambridge students claim to have been drugged on a night out

“It was a really stupid mistake but I suppose because I feel so safe in Cambridge I didn’t really expect to be roofied on a student night”

Holocaust denier David Irving to visit Cambridge

“There were no gas chambers in Auschwitz. There have been only mock-ups built by the Poles in the years after the war.” – David Irving

CHARITY THEFT: £700 stolen from RAG office

Three “charity boxes” were stolen.

UBER is launching in Cambridge TODAY

Girton students have been seen celebrating in the streets.

Cambridge students vote YES to keep class lists

55% of students want an easier opt-out system

CLASS LISTS: Campaigns, comments, and NUS delegates

For those of you who are riveted by the prospect of yet another referendum, here are all the juicy details/ rules for the upcoming battle over the class lists.

LAWN ATTACK: John’s encourages vigilante justice for crows

Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

TOXIC SPILL: Hazardous leak in the Chem department

Hydrogen chloride gas filled the lab.

Victorian advice for the modern fresher

The world of 1893 is a scary place.

EXPLOSIVE: Drunken bomb hoax at Anglia Ruskin

A man described two bombs to the police whilst pretending to be Jack Bauer.

BREAKING (and entering): Corpus Playroom Burgled

A break in of ENRON-ormous importance.

#YakAttack: NUS to ban Yik Yak?

Apparently the UK government, BUCS, and now even Yik Yak should “be afraid” of NUS.

Tension rises over Regeni murder as MPs and family speak out

“On his face I saw the ills of the world”: Regeni family threatens to release pictures of his corpse if the Egyptian government fails to carry out a satisfactory investigation.

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Jesus College alum throws tantrum after removal of bronze cock

Disgruntled Jesus alumnus disinherits college in order to protest the removal of the Benin bronze.

Mental health and heavy drinking: Alastair Campbell returns to Cambridge with a warning

Campbell speaks of the “worst possible way to start a new life.”

Lights Out! Churchill power-cut plunges college into darkness

Power, politics, and a barbecue in the car park.

BREAKING: Arrests made regarding the recent murder of Giulio Regeni

37 arrests have been made by the Egyptian police force in connection with the killing of Giulio Regeni

LawSoc Spring Ball ends with a bang as coach clips bus stop, cracking glass

Bus driver gets caught in one way street in London.

Body of missing Cambridge graduate recovered in Cairo

Egyptian authorities discovered the body of Giulio Regeni late on Wednesday evening

#whereisgiulio: Cambridge student last seen on anniversary of Arab Spring goes missing in Cairo

Giulio Regeni, a 28-year-old PhD student in politics from Girton, has vanished whilst conducting fieldwork in Cairo.

Charitable John’s: Abandoned bikes find new home in Africa

Taking re-cycling to the next level

Supreme overlord Ban Ki-moon to stop off in Cambridge

Model UN kids psyched.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: City Council hears plea of students

City Council in lightbulb moment

Death in the Amazon: Cambridge graduate stabbed during psychedelic drug ritual

“Charismatic and incredibly bright” Homerton alumnus Unais Gomes fatally stabbed in the Peruvian jungle