Ellie Olcott

Ellie Olcott
Cambridge University


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We interviewed Audrey Sebatindira and Connie Muttock, the candidates for CUSU Women’s Officer.

Oxford University Labour Club marred by claims of anti-semitism

The Cambridge Universities Labour Club is “saddened” by the allegations.

A donor has been found for Lara, sister of a Cambridge undergraduate

Lara says in the video, “Very excited to tell you some great news.”

Two Cambridge academics write an open letter to Egyptian President after the death of Giulio Regeni

You can sign it too

Peterhouse appoints their first female, LGBT+ Master

Peterhouse finds itself hurled into the 21st century

Cambridge University unveils HUGE plan to build 1,400 new homes

The proposed site is located just south of the university’s West Cambridge site – your cycle ride down there in the morning may be about to get a little busier

Landslide threatens to harm world-famous Mathematical Bridge

Queens’ students left in a state of shock after their normally pristine green turf was disrupted by a landslide

The annual Oxbridge Boat Race is being renamed in support of cancer research

It’s oarsome news

Syringe-armed animal rights activists: say NO to Cambridge’s “animal torture lab”

The University is partnering with AstraZeneca over a new cancer lab – and local activists couldn’t be less happy.

JOHN’S BOYS EXPOSED: “Fine if you’ve tried having sex with a passed out girl”

Accusations of an “old school, elitist Cambridge” culture are rocking the college

Guys, for once it isn’t about you. Let us eat our croissants in peace.

Happy International Men’s day everyone.

Jerry Springer has the most random job

How was your day at work Jerry? “It was alright. I spoke to a man who married a horse.”

Jesse Jackson tells the Union “The playing field is not even”

73% of the chamber voted with Rev. Jesse Jackson that the American Dream is affected by race

When The Cambridge Tab met Katie Hopkins

Katie “would always question” the argument ‘we have too many white middle class private school students’.

Heart throb Radnor at Union

Josh Radnor cements his fan base in Cambridge

Emily Maitlis has everyone’s dream job

You know you’ve made it when you’re invited back to speak at the Union

Union line-up crawling with quirky celebs

We all complain about its stuffy traditionalism, extortionate membership  and the fact we never actually have any time to go, but this year’s line-up might persuade you otherwise

REVIEW: Emma May Ball

ELLIE OLCOTT had a surreal night of fun and wants to tell you all about it